Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lala June 2011

Lala is a monthly manga magazine, and normally hubby and I only collect volumes of specific mangas instead of buying monthly magazines that includes installment of many different mangas from that publisher. That said, Lala June 2011 issue came with a Nyanko-sensei (from Natsume's Book of Friends - Natsume Yujincho) pen pouch that I couldn't resist picking up ^.^

Yes, even manga magazines here have freebies, though only every once in a while and not consistently on a monthly basis like women and men's interest magazines (yes, men magazines have freebies for men too!). When they do, however, the manga magazine freebies are usually related to one of the featured mangas. I don't know about you but as a manga fan, I do appreciate the gesture very much.

The pen pouch is made of laminated polyester and measures 8(height) x 17.5(length) cm.

It has orange zipper closure and a round white puff at one end to resemble Nyanko-sensei's cottony tail.

For a manga magazine that cost 420yen, the pen pouch exceeds my expectations in both quality and craftsmanship. It is exceptionally well made for a freebie! Stitches are very clean and even and no loose threads.

The inside is laminated, and all inner seams are covered. I must say I'm rather impressed!

The content of the manga magazine is like a mine of treasure I don't time to dig right now ^.^ I need serious time to sit and flip through it, research the interesting looking mangas to find their scanlated incarnations online. Hubby prefers to read them in Japanese. He says sometimes nuances of the original language are lost in translation, and while I agree wholeheartedly, my Japanese is nowhere up to par to read mangas yet :(


Anonymous said...

soooo cute! that pencil pack makes you want to study. :D you must be picking up Japanese really fast, D since you have been in JP for quite sometime. can you understand some everyday conversation? how does hubby know the language so well...did he have lessons? lol i've always wondered what it would be like to live in a foreign land where one doesnt know the language and is 'forced' to pick it up....lots of ppl say they learn that way. ;)


D. said...

Hi d.,'d probably take a whole lot more than a cute pouch to make me study again xD

I do agree that when you live in a country whose native language you don't speak, you'll be forced to pick it up. That said, unfortunately I haven't been picking up as much Japanese as I would like. I speak English at work, and you actually don't need much Japanese to live in Japan, believe it or not. There's a lot of English terms in the Japanese language itself. I've never had formal Japanese lessons and I only know enough to get by, but I can read some Kanji so that really helps.

Hubby has been studying Japanese for a few years now.


Anonymous said...

wow, i didnt know japanese had some eng. words in it. i'm sure u r picking up the language well esp. being there for quite awhile. :D some ppl just have a knack of picking of languages *jealous* ;D

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