Friday, July 8, 2011

Lavshuca Face Powder Part II

I really loved Lavshuca Face Powder in Lucent so I couldn't wait to play with Glow too ^.^

Unlike Lucent, which is a matte translucent powder, Glow is pink and shimmery. But don't worry, the shimmer is very, very fine and understated, so it won't be a disco powder in any way. In fact, for most people it wouldn't even suffice as a highlighter since the shimmer factor is so muted. I would say it's more of a brightening powder, for the days when your skin needs a bit of a lift.

That's how I use it anyway, as a brightening powder because I tend to skip highlighter during the daytime. I wear it on the areas under my eyes, around my nose, mouth, and chin, and on the t-zone. And now that it's so hot and humid, I skip this powder too during the day and only use it at night. Let's just say humidity and the lightest of shimmers just don't mix well, at least on my skin. Of course it's a whole other story for shimmery eye shadows, as no weather condition will stop me from wearing them sparklies LOL!

I wish Lavshuca didn't discontinue these Face Powder. Not only they're excellent products, but they are well packaged in a girly container [almost] every girl would love. And to think they were replaced by a more looking packaging, I wonder who makes these executive decisions, as they just don't make any business or economical sense. Normally, when there's demand and a loyal fan base for a certain product, you would think they'd focus on making it even better, not do away with it and put something else less sightly and less good in its place. Sometimes I just can't wrap my head around the changes in Japanese cosmetics.

Anyway, I already got a backup for the Lucent, but since I don't use much of Glow at all, this one jar will probably last me a while.

See my previous Lavshuca Face Powder post.


Anonymous said...

D! someday u should do a post (maybe at end of year or every few months) of your favorite skincare, makeups stuffs that you tried in Japan! i just got into korean/JP skincare and makeup and am really liking it esp. for price and quality. whenever i go to sasa, i get so overwhelmed. lol
-just wondering what is your favorite overall makeup line that doesnt disappoint for most of the time?
-skincare line?


D. said...

Hi d.,

I'm not particularly loyal to any brand, Japanese, Korean or Western. I used to be totally partial to T'estimo, but that brand was discontinued a few years back and even then, T'estimo had a few misses too. Now I just use whatever skincare/cosmetics that catch my eyes.

I'll try to do that post, though it will probably take me a while :D


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