Friday, May 6, 2011

Lavshuca Face Powder

Lavshuca Face Powder is one of the only 3 (counting that mini Clinique Blended Face Powder I don't really like) loose powders I've used so far, the other being its previous, long discontinued, incarnation Lavshuca Loose Powder Foundation.

I really like this Lavshuca Face Powder a lot, I'm happy to report. Unfortunately, this too has also been discontinued, replaced by the current incarnation Lavshuca Finish Powder. Apparently this newest Lavshuca Finish Powder isn't nearly as good as the Face Powder, so now I'm totally disappointed. Why do they always discontinue the good stuff and go for some crappy replacement?

The Lavshuca Face Powder comes in a very cute and princessy clear plastic jar. The puff is large and soft and is topped with a ridiculously cute purple bow. There are only 2 colors, Lucent and Glow. I have both but is currently using Lucent. I will try Glow next.

The loose powder itself is super silky and smooth. It's really very light, nowhere as thick as the Clinique Blended Face Powder and even lighter than its predecessor Loose Powder Foundation. And thank goodness it truly is lucent, smoothing out my skin with an invisible veil and while my face looks brightened, I don't look all made up and powdery. The best part is that it doesn't stick to my dry skin, drawing attention and further cause me to look like I'm peeling all over. I love it! Oh, and it isn't scented, so no annoying perfume to deal with ^.^

Also, I've found that because I have dry skin, loose powders in general seem to settle into lines and adding at least 10 years to my face (hey I'm not that old...yet!). Fortunately this Face Powder doesn't do that. Quite the opposite, in fact! If I dab the powder on under my eyes, around the nose and laugh lines with my ring finger, it will actually lessen the appearance of any discoloration! Sounds kind of strange since this powder is translucent and is not supposed to work like concealer, only it sort of does. Hey, I'm not complaining. Just saying...


Unknown said...

i would buy it in ah heart beat after seeing the packaging...

D. said...

Hi Jessy,

The packaging is definitely killer, at least for me ^.^ I'm thinking about getting backups since it's been discontinued, you know, before they're gone gone...


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