Friday, July 1, 2011

Mark Earth Face Glow

I'm in luuuuurv with these Mark Earth Face Glow and went crazy looking for more backups but they're no longer available, anywhere. Boo. Hiss.

I'm so glad I gave these a chance when they came out. At first I scoffed at them, because, well, they're itty bitty. I know Mark makes their cosmetics on the smaller side, and I appreciate that because I hate gigantic bulky stuff, but these blushes have diameters that are a mere 1.5 inch! They're the size of a single eye shadow!

But that's about all I can rant about with these blushes, as they are fantastic otherwise. They come in 3 colors, Solar, Pebbles, and Quartz, and I'm so happy I bought all 3 colors. I must say though all 3 colors are quite sheer, so many folks out there must hate these, but I love them to death. They're baked and so not as smooth as they could be, but they're gorgeous going on.

Solar: marbleized champagne and pale fleshy pink and makes a glowing highlighter. As you can see, this is no blush at all.

- Pebbles: marbleized bronzy peach and warm rosy pink. This has got to be one of the most beautiful blush I've ever put on myself. I know this is going to sound really vain, but I was staring at my glowing cheeks in the mirror xD Because it's sheer, it wasn't really obvious that I was wearing blush. My cheeks were just flushed and glowing. Wow.

- Quartz: marbleized berry and lilac. This one is really pretty too, though cooler than Pebble. It has a bit more color than Pebbles too, so I have to apply it with a light hand. In small amount it gives me a lovely pink veil.

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