Sunday, July 17, 2011

Purikura Part II

Hubby and I went to visit my sister again over the weekend, and after two karaoke sessions over 2 consecutive nights, we ended each night with a few shots of purikura.

The machines in this particular karaoke parlor was a lot of fun. It does background effects and everything, like out in space or ghostly appearance LOL! I really love that it has some really freakin' hilarious little add-ons, like bananas, blood squirts (bwahahaha!!!), upside down undies (I kid you not!), and poopies (OMG!). Scroll down and you'll see xD

This is hubby's "Edward" pose.

See my previous Purikura, anyone? post.


Anonymous said...

LOL! i love these pics. so fun to look at! bet it took a good long while to put those little 'sticker-like' effects + backgrounds, etc together! wish we had these in the US. i know round1 arcade in LA, CA has these.


D. said...

Hi d!

Actually, they only give you up to 10 or so to decorate your pictures before they're printed. Because other I would have taken forever and a half as there are so many choices of funny things to add on! They should totally import these machines and make loads of money!!!


Anonymous said...

that is a good business idea. i am sure it will hit big here esp. with the young crowd. btw, i didnt find the poop decoration in any of the pics u have....did u use it? where? LOL i cant get over the bloody nose one. looove that!

D. said...

Hi d,

LOL the poop "decorations," if you can call it that, are on all 3 of our heads in the right picture, 2nd row, and on my head, on the 3rd row.

haha I love the blood squirts as well! such a riot!


Anonymous said...

D. thank you for the reply! LOL Oh yea i see the poop now. it's so's pink, of course. XD i was thinking it would be brown with some flies and some stench smoke over it. LOL

can i say u r a purikura EXPERT?!!!! i love how u all pose so silly yet so darn PERFECT in each of the photos. Everyone's crazy poses really to go together in each of the pics.... for example, how u point at your sis and she all smiles while hubby is at the background looking afar (3rd to last pic). and of course the placement of the decors are awesome like the u and sis looking green and ill, and hubby with a UFO space hat...LOL. love it, looove it. i cant stop looking and smiling.

gahhhh, we really neeeed purikura here in states. :(


D. said...

Hi d.,

Actually, those purikura machines all have a "cute" photoshop effect that enlarge your eyes, making you look cute and perfect. That green sickly look is also a special "ghostly haunt" effect LOL!

And the last purikura machine we took pictures with my sister had an "anime eyes" effect, as in freakishly huge eyes. I kid you not. Go take a look.


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