Saturday, July 2, 2011

With May 2011 (Picture Heavy!)

Almost through with May magazines, I think...

This is With May 2011, which comes with a Ships reversible freebie tote.

Initially I was going to skip this issue, but stopping by a local bookstore and seeing the freebie tote on display, I saw how well made it was and decided that the nautical stripes make a cute tote so I picked one up in the end.

The tote is made of polyester and measures 21.5(height) x 32(length) x 10(width) cm.

It has no outer or inner pockets, however it is lined with a seamless polyester flower print fabric, which makes the tote reversible.

I think I like the nautical stripes better though :P

This issue has lots of goodies and fun pictures to look at, starting off with an eye catching Burberry ad featuring some wild jackets! Green snake skin and a spike studded jacket that looks like something Johannes Krauser II would wear!

And then -poof!- how to go from OL to dinner to relaxed weekend with the featured pieces. Not sure how that Burberry ad fits in all this, but whatever.

First feature piece, the blouse.

Those gingham platform peep-toes are so mine...if I can find them, that is...

Second featured piece, the chino cargo pants.

Third featured piece, flower print dress. Though they call it a "one piece," but it looks like a dress to me.

Fourth featured piece, the cardigan.

Fifth featured piece, the skirt.

3-Way ribbon cardigan and blouse, sold in a set I think.

3-Way one piece, also sold in set I think.

Here's a 4-piece set that includes a chino skirt, tunic, racer back tank, and a silk scarf.

Modeling the freebie tote.

I thought this was a really cute editorial with Ayase Haruka, shot in Rome.

Various covers with the actress.

2 Models, 30 days' worth of outfit from office to weekend.

Dots versus borders. Oh oh I vote dots ^.^

Gingham versus flower print. Gingham wins hands down for me.

Shoes, all 9,999yen or less (about $120 with the current exchange rate).

The dark brown platform strappy pair in the middle here is a beauty!

Spring hits from featured brands, these 2 pages, Natural Beauty Basic.

Denims and chinos from Uniqlo (left) and Gap (right).

Unique takes on one pieces (top and bottom are attached): left page, #1 - shirts, #2 - scarves (the skirt looks like a scarf); right page, #1 - lace, #2 - dressy.

Left page, #3 - cotton knit, #4 - borders; right page, #3 - tweed, #4 - flower prints.

Different cuts of wide leg pants and flattering tops to pair with them.

Different cuts of chino capris and flattering tops to pair with them.

Different cuts of tapered pants and flattering tops to pair with them.

1-3-5 seconds quick hair dos'.

Not sure how fast you can do your hair, but wrestling with mine for 1-3-5 seconds? Riiiiight.

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