Saturday, August 27, 2011

Futarasan Jinja, Nikko, Tochigi

Moving on to Futarasan Jinja after Nikko Toshogu because, well, they're right next door to each other. No, really, next door.

Perhaps the most famous (if not then definitely most visible!) part of Futarasan Jinja is this beautiful Shinkyo (Sacred Bridge) over the Daiya River. This is the very first thing we saw before even crossing the street intersection to start climbing up the mountain where the other shrines and temples are! And gosh it was utterly gorgeous, especially with that crystal clear water below. I would stand there all day and stare at it, though I'd probably be toasted and burnt to a crisp after an hour or so under the bright sun...

A walk way lined with stone lanterns between Nikko Toshogu and Futarasan.

Along the walk way, I found this hollowed out tree stump and thought it was cool so I took a picture of it ^.^

Futarasan Jinja torii.

Honden in the far back.

Looking down towards Futarasan Jinja's larger torii.

Futarasan Jinja's larger torii and Rinnoji, again right next door at left.

Coming towards Betsugu Hongu Jinja, another shrine belonging to the Futarasan Jinja complex only much much less frequented. If anything, tt looks barren and deserted with spiderwebs strewn about everywhere, as though it hasn't seen a visitor for years. This is obviously not true since it is a part of the complex, and there were neighborhoods on a nearby street, but either way nobody was around when we were there, and it sort of gave us the creeps. It could be because the shrine was off the beaten path, and hubby and I "found" it following a few stair steps that was somewhat hidden around the corner bush.

Betsugu Hongu Jinja Honden with Rinnoji's Sanjunoto in the far back. When we spotted this 3-story pagoda, we wanted to go take a look, however this area made us a bit uncomfortable. Right around this hooded gate, we smelled a death odor that got stronger as we went along, and as soon as we got to the edge of this gate here we both quietly turned around and headed back without saying a word.

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