Tuesday, August 23, 2011

InRed July 2011

This InRed July 2011 issue comes with a Mary Quant tote bag that's just too cute to pass up ^.^

The tote is made of vinyl and measures 20(height) x 25(bottom length) x 11(width) cm.

I like that the vinyl gives it a glossy surface, but I do wish it was softer as it is a bit stiff.

The front of the tote has Mary Quant's signature daisy, and the back has the brand name printed.

It also has zipper closure and is lined inside.

There is only 1 interior pocket, but I'm not complaining :)

An article featuring Shinohara Ryoko. For the life of me I can't understand why they put her into those shorts - she's swimming in them!!!

Ahhh...doesn't she look so much better in these baggy jeans?

Details on freebie tote with other featured Mary Quant items.

I think the headline says something along the lines of ”what to wear to look like you're 5 kilos lighter"...as if these women aren't already thin enough. Sheesh.

Focusing on "troubled" spots, I guess, as in upper body, lower body, and full length.

I like the middle outfit on the right page, the combination of tunics belted at the waist, skinny jeans, and high platforms make the model's legs look a mile long!

Cropped cargos.

Moving on to tops.

Adding a belt/scarf to create a leaner silhouette.

Tweaking the outfit for a leaner shape.

100 casual one-pieces (dress, shirt-dress, floor-lengths, rompers, etc.) to relax in, each under 10,000yen (about $130).

[Vulgar] Engrish alert!!! Don't wear this unless you're looking to raise an eyebrow or two...

Shorts versus cropped pants.

Made of cotton.

Actress Hasegawa Kyoko modeling yukatas.

How to put on a yukata and tie the obi. It's important that the left side of the yukata is wrapped over the right side. The reverse, the right side wrapping over the left side, is used to dress the departed for a funeral. This is a very common blooper made by those unaware of the custom and are right-handed, because it feels totally natural to wrap the right over the left - but don't do it. People will either look at you funny, the girls will giggle, or the older women will be horrified.

Easy hair-do's for the summer.

Eyebrow grooming and recommended products

Toe-nail art for the summer

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