Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pizza Pizza Part III

One of the more "American" things we like to do with our family is pizza and a movie, no? It's even better when my sister was here because then hubby and I have more excuses to order more things we otherwise just can't eat by ourselves :P

More Domino's Meat Lover's Pizza.

Domino's Spicy wings and Lemon Pepper wings

I think Pizza Hut is my clear favorite in Japan, until we can find a decent pizza parlor that is.

Pizza Hut Tomato Basil and Double Tomatoes pies.

I think this has got to be the best pizza I've had here in Japan - the Double Tomatoes pie from Pizza Hut. It has no meat, just cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes (covered under the cheese) but is surprisingly flavorful!

This is also one of my favorites from Pizza Hut, the Tomato Basil with fresh tomatoes, sausages, and green basil sauce at top. Yumm....

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