Sunday, April 1, 2012

InRed September 2011

I'm starting off April with a backissue of InRed September 2011 ^.^ It came with a pretty pink and lilac L'Occitane 2-way freebie tote. The last L'Occitane freebie I had was from a makeup pouch from More February 2011

The tote is made of thick polyester with the interior side laminated. The top has zipper closure but can be folded down and inwards, turning into a smaller open-top tote, hence the 2-way usage. I like the print and the feel of the outer side, but I prefer lined totes and this one is not lined. The inner seams are covered though, and there are 2 inside pockets that are attached to the tote at top, so if you were to fold the top down and go with the open-top tote look you won't be able to access these 2 pockets. 

With the zipper closure, the tote measures 26(height) x 26(length) x 12(width) cm. And no, the tote isn't square, but since it has a rectangular base, the length here is measured at the base instead of the top since the top can be folded in. 

With the top folded down, the tote measures 20(height) x 26(length) x 12(width) cm. As you can see, being folded inwards the top of the tote covers up the 2 pockets completely.

The freebie tote.

Now this is a neat styling spread. It starts with one outfit, then moves on to the next changing only 1 piece while keeping the other, either the top or the bottom. I don't know about you, but I do wear a shirt or pair of pants a couple of times before changing, so this gives me some ideas ^.^

The rest is same old - a month's worth of coordinates using the shown pieces.

Ooohh...polka dots! Want!!!

Plaids and check patterns too!

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