Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stila Lip Pots

These Stila Lip Pots are supposed to be tinted balms along the lines of Korres Lip Butters, only I think they're much better in terms of texture and formula. These Lip Pots are also discontinued a couple of years back and I decided I've held on to them long enough not to swatch and play with them. The below 5 colors I bought in a set during one of Stila's warehouse sales more than a year ago. Because as I much as I like their formula and love the pretty glass jars they come in, I would never have bought them individually or pay their retail price.

Top row: 02 Amande, 03 Cerise, and 05 Baie.
Bottom row: 11 Pecan and 15 Mandarine. Pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Why? Because it's completely absurd the way they were priced and I totally see why they were discontinued. Sure, in comparison to the Korres Lip Butters they're much better. They're much thicker without being sticky. They're also much smoother and way more moisturizing. However color wise they last about the same on my lips, which is not past an hour. So sure, they're a better formulated glorified lip balm, but still glorified lip balms nonetheless. And get this, Korres Lip Butters run about $10 for a jar of 0.21oz., already pretty pricey, right? These Stila Lip Pots go for $17 for 0.08oz.! Ridiculous.

Anyway, these are unscented, and they also have the funny bouncy texture like the Korres Lip Butters. Funny as it sound but I actually cares more for the jars and not the product. Still wouldn't buy them at retail though, but since I got them in a set and on sale, they're nice to have I guess :P

- 02 Amande: looks like an orangey brown in the pot but swatched an orangey peach and goes on my lips a peachy nude.

The below 5 pictures were taken indoor with flash.

- 03 Cerise: looks a blood red in the pot but swatched a brighter yellow based red. Even stranger is that it turns more of a translucent berry on my lips. Either I had too much hopes for this color or I'm having a weird purple lips day...

- 05 Baie: a pretty rosey berry in the pot but swatched a much lighter muted rose pink. This color turns my lips sickly pale.

- 11 Pecan: looks a peachy nude in the pot, swatched a pale nude skin color, but goes on my lips completely translucent. Yes, as in having no color at all.

- 13 Mandarine: looks a bright orange in the pot, swatched a peachy orange color, and goes on my lips translucent peach.

Top row: 02 Amande, 03 Cerise, and 05 Baie.
Bottom row: 11 Pecan and 15 Mandarine. Picture taken in natural light without flash.


Citrine said...

Ahh, I like the pots as well but I guess I would never spend that much for Stila (I was a little put off when the new management took over in 2010 anyway). Now I missed the old Stila image...

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Me too! I had a Stila blackout sometime between the spring of 2009 and the fall of 2011. I was disappointed and frustrated with the Lip Glazes and struggled to get through the ones I have, so I didn't go near Stila again until the Lip Glaze Sticks successfully tempted me ^.^


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