Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jersey Cow Shave Gel and Daily Moisturizer

Super short post here since it's technically not a review - hubby uses these products and not me ^.^

Bought this pair of Jersey Cow Shave Gel and Daily Moisturizer for him during a 20% UK brands sale on Beauty Habit last year. He got bored of Jack Black, Anthony Logistics, Art of Shaving, Lab Series, Clinique, The Body Shop, etc., and was happy to get something new to try. Like his dad, he used to be totally indifferent to skincare, but I guess my obsession somewhat rubbed off on him LOL!

Hubby likes both products so far, although he's not too keen on their scent. Me neither, to be honest. Thanks to the combination of lavender, neroli, and calendula in their ingredients, they both have a very strong leafy musk that reminds me of, well, a hippie ^.^ Fortunately, the scent is altered somewhat on hubby's skin and doesn't stick around for long -.-'

Shave Gel

Daily Moisturizer. I tried this one once and immediately rinsed it off. It leaves a sticky residue like sugar, although I checked the ingredients and there isn't anything sugary listed. Good thing the stickiness isn't as bad on hubby's skin so it doesn't bother him. Interesting how the same product applies differently on different skin, no?

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