Monday, April 15, 2013

Coffret D'Or Beauty Face Shadow

Even with many complaints, I was still quite happy with the two Coffret D'Or Total Designing Sets EX-2 and EX-4 released last fall. So when they released two more limited edition Beauty Face Shadows, I was happy to indulge in both.

Beauty Face Shadow in limited edition 07 Orange Beige and 08 Pink Bordeaux. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

It also helps that the compact case is quite elegant looking, with faux jewels encrusting the upper left and lower right of the reflective metal strip running vertically long the compact. Very different from the pretty and feminine rose vines of 05 Lavender Purple and 06 Lime Khaki. 

So one of my biggest complaints about the Beauty Face Shadow was the two unnecessary Dual Highlight shades. The one for the upper lid is okay, but the lower eye area? Spare me, please. It's like Coffret D'Or trying to enter the concealer/highlighter market with a really crappy half-assed attempt, and it makes me mad. On the other hand, the cream Eye Base proved my initial reservations wrong and I ended up loving it!

And unfortunately, that's the source of all the frustration with these two limited edition palettes 07 Orange Beige and 08 Pink Bordeaux - they replaced the cream Eye Base with a pressed powder formula. Arhh!?!? What in the hell were they thinking?!? Are they purposely trying to piss off this customer? Two powder base/highlight shades aren't enough, they need to add a third? Talking about excessive excessiveness! Gahh, I'm so mad!!!

As you can see above, application is identical for the two new limited editions. So with each application, I'm layering on 3 needless layers of base/highlight before getting to one medium shade! If this sounds completely idiotic, that's because it is. I prefer the cream base, because it actually works to enhance and keep the powder colors that go on after. And at the very least, as a cream it distinguishes itself from the other two powder base/highlighters. On the other hand, all this powder base does is disappearing underneath the other two! Urgh. Oh yeah, and that annoying plastic flap is still there. Total fail, Coffret D'Or, total utter fail.

Anyway, despite the metallic medium shades, both palettes are office-friendly thanks to their soft color schemes and sophisticated shimmery finish. While the colors are pretty, I'm going to have to declare these two palettes a pass. Well, unless you want to pay for 3 power base/highlight in a [waste of a] quintet. Yep, useless. And stupid.

- 07 Orange Beige: a peach beige palette with no hints of orange despite its name. It's definitely leaning warm, although not as warm as its name suggests.
- Highlight color (upper lids): shimmer, low intensity. A pretty and shimmery buttery yellow. This is the only base/highlight color I used in the palette. It's nice for the inner corners of the eyes too.
- Highlight color (under eye area): satin with scattered floating shimmers, very sheer. Off white in the pan but is totally sheer. Again, if I'm in the mood, I'll use the Stila #24A Blush Brush to dab a bit of this and dab on my enter under eye area. But otherwise I skip it in favor of the buttery yellow highlight color above.
- Powder base: shimmer, very sheer. Also off white in the pan. While it looks just a touch darker than the highlight color for the under eye area, it's actually a translucent wash of soft shimmers that leaves a shimmery wet finish. Pretty, but redundant, given the other 2 base/highlighters already in the palette.
- Medium color: metallic, medium intensity. A peachy beige in the pan but goes on me a metallic peach. Very pretty, but is too light for a crease shade so I wear it all over the lids as per the intrucstions.
- Liner color: shimmer, high intensity. A pigmented dark chocolate.

- 08 Pink Bordeaux: a pink mauve palette that thankfully doesn't turn red on me. That would have been a disaster, as if I'm not already frustrated with both limited editions.
- Highlight color (upper lid): shimmer, low intensity. A pretty and shimmery shell pink with a slight violet sheen that makes it lean cool.
- Highlight color (under eye area): satin with scattered floating shimmers, very sheer. A very pale whisper pink that goes on pretty much a pinky white. And you're supposed to dust it on the under eye area anyway, so it's really colorless.
- Powder base: shimmer, very sheer. A pinky off white and gives a translucent wash of soft shimmers and leaves a shimmery wet finish. Pretty, but again maddeningly redundant.
- Medium color: metallic, medium intensity. Lovely dusty mauve. Again I wear this all over the lids.
- Liner color: shimmer, high intensity. A pigmented deep taupey plum that makes an awesome liner!

See my previous Coffret D'Or Total Designing Set post.

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