Friday, August 22, 2014

Sothys Secrets de Sothys Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Care

This 5mL(?) tube of Sothys Secrets de Sothys Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Care is the cream companion of the Serum reviewed yesterday. 

I started using both at the same time, but while the serum was lighter and lasted me for about 3 weeks with nightly use, this cream had a light texture but was much richer upon application, thus lasted me a whopping 5 weeks! Granted, I only used it when my skin felt extra dry and needed the moisture boost, which was probably the reason it lasted so long.

Like the serum, this cream is mildly scented with a generic nondescript scent. It didn't wow or bothered me. As mentioned above, the cream itself is light yet moisturizing. The night when I tried it happened to be a little humid, and as a result the cream took much longer to absorb and left my face feeling a bit sticky. So I backed off, used a lesser amount on drier nights and all was good. As with the serum, the cream felt nice and moisturizing, but in my humble opinion not worth the $150 price tag. Will not purchase.

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