Sunday, August 31, 2014

BeautyMate Sakura Series Duo Radiant & Moisturizing Lotion Excellent

BeautyMate came out with this Sakura Series a few years ago I believe. At the time, I was in Japan and didn't have access to it. I kept waiting for Sasa to pick it up, but they never did and I gave up hopes of getting my grubby hands all over this line. Fast forward to fall 2012 and I was in Taipei. One day, I was randomly browsing through the Watson in Shida Night Market and lo-and-behold, the entire line was on display! I made a beeline to it of course and grabbed 3 items: this Duo Radiant & Moisturizing Lotion Excellent, the Natural Care Moisturizing Peeling Gel, and the Deep Cleansing Oil. 

I've been dying to try both the peeling gel and the cleansing oil, but I'm still working through the huge bottle of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. I'm almost done with PharmaAct Additive Free Cleansing Oil, but I can't jump the line and go to Sakura Deep Cleansing Oil because there are others that have earlier expiration date (that's how I order my lineup, I use whichever that expires first...). So I might not get to the other 2 until next year :(

Anyway, I busted this one out because my skin is demanding some attention now that I've moved to a drier location. This toner claims to be moisturizing and thus fits the bill. I actually intended to use it like a watery toner, as in soaking a corner of my facial cloth and wipe my face with it. However, I tried to pour some out to no avail, upon which I thought to squeeze the bottle. Holy crap this toner is pretty much a milky gel - it wouldn't come out until I squeeze it out like a gel! So there's no way I can wipe my face with it like a watery toner, and I ended up deferring to Phytomer Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion (the full size 200mL bottle) for that job.

What did I do with this toner then? Well, I just pat it on like a proper Asian toner ^.^" I expected this to be viscous and sticky due to its gel-y thickness, but it melts upon contact and my skin just slurps it up like nobody's business. It leaves my face nice and soft, ready for the next layer of serum then moisturizer. It is scented but the fragrance is super mild and easy, a slightly flowery scent. I'm loving this toner so far!

And you know what else I love about it? It's super affordable, being BeautyMate! I think I paid a mere $7 for this 200mL. Too bad Sasa still don't have it on their website, because if they do, I'm definitely restocking!

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