Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Clinique Almost Lipstick Part IV

Over the holidays I saw this online exclusive Clinique Almost Lipstick A Taste of Honey Set via their USA online shop and just had to pick it up. Why, because the set contains 3 full sizes of 35 Tender Honey, 36 Chic Honey, and 40 Spicy Honey that have been discontinued a couple of years back, none of which I've tried before! This set currently retails for $32, and consider individually each Almost Lipstick goes for $17, that's almost 38% off, a pretty significant discount! ^.^

Clinique Almost Lipstick 35 Tender Honey, 36 Chic Honey, and 40 Spicy Honey. Pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I absolutely LOVE this smaller packaging! These tubes are about 1/4 shorter than the original long and thin tubes and they contain the same amount of product! So very sleek, portable, and handbag friendly! Why doesn't Clinique make them all like that?? Hmm...may be I should get a back up set... 

This is another running series so I'll move on to the colors. All three of these have micro shimmers that are only visible under a direct source of light. They don't show on the lips at all. As with other Almost Lipsticks, the colors are translucent, with some more pigmented than others.

- 35 Tender Honey: a translucent nude that's pretty much completely sheer on my lips, just like 39 Shy Honey. It's not even my-lips-but-better, it's more like my-lips-but-balmier ^.^ I do like it, because the formula is so comfortable to wear. I probably wouldn't pay full price for it though. It's a super duper expensive lip balm!

- 36 Chic Honey: a translucent wine. When I first applied this I immediately thought of Black Honey, which led me to swatched both Black Honey and Chic Honey side by side for comparison. Turns out Chic Honey has a lot more berry. No wonder I like it soooooo much better than Black Honey! The berry makes it a that much more wearable for me. Out of all 3 colors this one is the most pigmented.

- 40 Spicy Honey: a translucent and sheer warm red. It looks slightly brownish in the tube but actually goes on a lovely natural my-lips-but-redder, not as sheer as Tender Honey but not as pigmented as Chic Honey either. Love!

Left picture: 35 Tender Honey, 36 Chic Honey, and 40 Spicy Honey.
Right picture: Black Honey (left) vs. Chic Honey (right).

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kuri said...

Ah, so pretty! I've never really used Clinique but my mom used to have lots of lippies :)

D. said...

Hi kuri,

And these wear really comfortably too! I'd totally recommend trying one!

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