Saturday, September 12, 2015

Phytomer Contour Radieux Smoothing and Reviving Eye Mask

This 3mL/0.1fl. oz. tube of Phytomer Contour Radieux Smoothing and Reviving Eye Mask was among the myriad of samples I received from an order via Le Spa USA (not affiliated), and it actually lasted me a good 2 months of nightly use!

This was supposed to be an eye mask, meaning I'm supposed to apply a lot then wipe off the excess, but it was so dry at home I used it like an intensive eye cream for nighttime instead. Surprisingly, even after hubby and I arrived into Tokyo where it's dripping wet, my eye area was still dry and needed the extra moisture. So for the past month I used it nightly also.

The eye mask came out of the tube a thick and somewhat sticky cream, although it did absorb completely after about 5 minutes. I don't really remember the scent. It either didn't have any or was so mild I stopped noticing after a while. Overall, for two months this eye mask kept my skin moisturized but other than that it was unremarkable, not worth the high retail price. Will not purchase.

By now I've sampled a good number of products from three different brands of French spa/boutique skincare: Caudalie, Phytomer, and Sothys. Of these three brands, Caudalie seems to be the most "mainstream" and easily accessible, then Phytomer and Sothys in that order, both available in much fewer online outlets. Price wise, I'd say they're all about the same, with Caudalie slightly lower and Sothys slightly higher end, though not by much. 

My conclusion is that all three are kind of gimmicky, with Caudalie being all about grapes, Phytomer seawater, and I'm not sure what Sothys' selling point is other than being a "spa" brand. I've had some hits with both Caudalie and Phytomer, but so far only one from Sothys, the Desquacrem.

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