Saturday, September 26, 2015

SkinFood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

These SkinFood Tomato Jelly Tint Lips have been out for at least a couple of years now, since early 2013, I think. I discovered them earlier this spring but didn't take the bait. They looked a bit gimmicky to me and I didn't want to bother paying international shipping for mere chapsticks. When I checked again around May though, one of the 4 colors available had already sold out at most online shops. I took that to mean these aren't too shabby after all and finally made my move to collect mine.

From left to right: 1 Cherry Tomato, 2 Berry Tomato, 3 Orange Tomato, and 4 Milk Tomato. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm actually really glad I gave these a try because, guess what, I like them! A lot ^.^ They're packaged in tomato-red tube with aluminum twist-up bullet, slightly plastic-y and cheap but not too terribly tacky. They're scented with an odd soapy scent, but only mildly so and the smell dissipates quickly. I don't mind this too much. Ultimately though, it's the formula that impresses me the most.

These are named "jelly tint" but I think they're more accurately described as balm stains, because they're quite balmy and lovely, and they stain. When I first tried these on, I thought of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints. But nope, these SkinFood ones aren't really comparable with either Revlon or Tarte at all. Revlon balm stains may feel balmy going on, but they dry up very quickly, and they're drying on the lips. If it weren't for the crazy pigmented and stubborn stains, I think Revlon wouldn't be as popular as they are. Tarte Lip Tints are much better, both balmy and moisturizing but is still way too pigmented, pretty much a balmy and sometimes staining lipstick. 

Whereas these SkinFood Tint Lips truly feel like a staining lip balm, not waxy or chapstick-like, not silicone-y or slippery, not the oily melty kind that bleeds beyond my lip lines either. I really like that they're more of a substantial, moisturizing, and glossy balm. They last for a good long while, staying put on my lips for a few hours with drinking, snacking, and chatting.

As for the stain, I will first note that the swatch photo below does not do these SkinFood Tint Lips justice. They're deceptively sheer on the back of my hand, looking like clear balms but they're not. On the lips, the stain I get from these SkinFood Tint Lips are more like that of the Tarte Skintuitive Lip Tint Energy. This stain lasts for a good while also, staying on long after the above said drinking, snacking, and chatting session and well into the night, surviving even a night shower with a cleansing oil and a follow-up foaming wash. And this was the #4 Milk Tomato that looks like clear balm (as does Tarte Skintuitive!), so the other 3 colors leave an even brighter and punchier stain on my lips.

And by the way, these are about $4-6 a pop, depending on your source. I paid $4.23 each for mine, which is less than half the price of Revlon and about 1/6 the price of Tarte. Not too shabby indeed.

- 1 Cherry Tomato: a translucent hot pink with scattered shimmers that don't show at all. This is the color that's sold out everywhere, and scroll down to see the swatches and you'll know why. Yes, it's the most pigmented one of the lot, and it leaves a bright hot pink stain that's flattering and wearable. Love!

- 2 Berry Tomato: a translucent cool medium pink, again with scattered shimmers that don't show. It leaves a medium pink stain that's just as flattering as the hot pink stain from the Cherry Tomato, only not as bright of course. That said, depends on how naturally pigmented your lips are, you might not be able to tell Cherry Tomato and Berry Tomato apart at all.

- 03 Orange Tomato: a warm reddish coral, also with scattered shimmers that don't show. This stains a warmer red on my lips and not pink, but again, depends on your natural lip color, Cherry Tomato, Berry Tomato, and Orange Tomato might all be too close to distinguish.

- 04 Milk Tomato: looks like a clear balm in the tube but applies a translucent, shimmer-free carnation pink and stains a brighter version of the same pink. This is the tube I carry in my bag, because after a meal I can apply it without a mirror and get some sophisticated color, moisture, and long-lasting stain all in one go. Pretty darn nice!

From left to right: 01 Cherry Tomato, 02 Berry Tomato, 03 Orange Tomato, and 04 Milk Tomato. The swatch photo is inaccurate as these go on my lips noticeably brighter and more pigmented, all while staying translucent.


kuri said...

Hrm! I guess I will try Milk Tomato first, since my lips are pretty pigmented. Should I still try TonyMoly Delight Tony Tints? These Skinfood products seem a bit easier to use. I guess they're different colors, so haha.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Well, if your lips are already pigmented, Milk Tomato might not show up as well? May be go for Berry Tomato, or even Cherry Tomato instead?

The TonyMoly Tints are crazy pigmented. If you go try those, use sparingly ^.^"


kuri said...

Hrm, maybe I'll go for Berry Tomato or Orange Tomato then. Okay, maybe I will pass on the TonyMoly Tints since crazy pigment is what makes the Revlon Balms hard to use for me.


D. said...

Goodness, if the Revlon Balms were too pigmented for you then TonyMoly would be like the nuclear option LOL!


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