Saturday, January 30, 2016

Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment

I received this 15mL/0.5fl. oz. full size of Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment as part of their Surprise Beauty Bag promotion over the holidays, which is super generous as the item itself is $48!

This eye treatment comes out of the bottle an unscented, semi-translucent gel-cream. I do admit I was skeptical at first. Given the light texture I had doubts whether it would deliver the moisture I needed. It's winter time, after all.

Thankfully, I was wrong. This gel-cream is indeed super moisturizing. It feels rich going on, and mind you, rich does not mean heavy or greasy as it's neither. And I don't even need a full pump, only using half a pump each time for the whole eye area, with some leftover to dab on around my mouth, you know, for the laugh lines. Because I laugh a lot :P

While Boscia's website bills this eye cream as a moisturizing treatment targeting under-eye bags, I don't have any bags and therefore haven't observed any results in that aspect. But I do like this eye cream quite a bit! Another Boscia eye cream I really enjoyed using was the Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment.

At left is the full content of the Surprise Beauty Bag, of which the full size (and now discontinued) Restorative Night Moisture went to my mum, and another full size Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF15 went to my sister. At right was the remaining that made it to me ^.^

Konjac Sponge Mini Trio, which includes the regular (white) gifted to my mum, Bamboo Charcoal (black) gifted to my sister, and Deep Hydrating Clay (red, pictured) gifted to J.

All-In-One B.B. Eye Brightener SPF20, which went to J. also as I know for a fact she uses it--I spotted it her bathroom counter ^.^ It would be otherwise be a waste on me.

Blotting Linens Pink Peppermint 100 sheet, which I posted about before.

Miscellaneous samples.

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