Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips

Finally, a review for Lunasol Full Glamour Lips in 02 Cherry Red!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I know the Lunasol lipstick packaging is very scratch-prone but I quite like the simplicity and elegance. I do wish it was smaller and not so bulky, but otherwise it's very sturdy, the cap closes tight, and best of all it doesn't look or feel cheap.

Do I like this Lunasol lipstick? Yes! Very much. The formula feels very similar to Clinique Almost Lipstick in its balminess, translucence finish, and moisture, a less waxy and more moisturizing version of the Chubby Stick. It's actually more moisturizing than my current love Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge even, only with the glossiness toned down. And even though both Coffret D'Or and Lunasol fade into stains, the Lunasol stain withstood food and drinks while Coffret D'Or only survived drinks. Wild guess here--perhaps the oil in the food breaks up the Coffret D'Or stain? 

So I'd say it's a pretty tight race between these two. Coffret D'Or has three small advantages over Lunasol: glossiness, price, and color selection. Because Lunasol color choices are mostly bland my-lips-but-betters--02 Cherry Red is one of brightest two colors available in this line, if not the brightest, which I find quite frustrating! On the other hand, Lunasol has two slight advantages over Coffret D'Or: slightly more moisturizing and slightly longer lasting. 

- 02 Cherry Red: a shimmer-free, translucent blue based red, a juicy cherry, just as named. Uncapping the tube for the first time, I totally see why Kate the Driveller called this 02 Cherry color jelly. Because it is. Check out the product photo below, folks. The unscented lipstick has this translucence quality that I just love. Not every color in this line is like this, but now that I've tried one, I might have to look for more ^.^ Love!

Here I'm comparing 02 Cherry Red to Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge RD425, RD454, and 10 Lady Red at left, and to Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge RD-214 and RD-216 at right.

To my surprise, the Maquillage lipsticks swatched much more evenly this time around, and more pigmented too! A good back-of-hand day, perhaps? Regardless, the formula still sucks, especially in comparison to Lunasol and Coffret D'Or. I can't believe Maquillage and Lunasol are at the same price point, because the quality just don't compare in my humblest opinion. If I had 3,000yen to spare I'd definitely go for either Lunasol or Coffret D'Or, whichever has the more attractive color choice.


Citrine said...

One more added to my rakuten list....and I need to wait for your jelly research before dropping the bomb.

D. said...

I'm actually really scared of research, because every time I do research it breaks my piggie bank LOL!


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