Monday, December 19, 2016

Coffret D'Or Gloss Coat Stick

These Coffret D'Or Gloss Coat Stick in PK-18 and PK-19 were cart fillers. I actually got them a while back but have been way, way, way behind on photos.

Loved the slim and round metal packaging. They felt weighty but are portable at the same time. Given the name, I was hoping for these to be more like lip essence or balm, something I could layer under or top my lipstick with. They were pretty much clear and very sparkly, so this use made sense to me. 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Sadly, I was wrong. These were nothing like a lip essence or balm. The formula wasn't moisturizing, although to be fair it wasn't drying either, just nowhere near the quality of the current Premium Stay Rouge. Basically, these were like cheap lipsticks without any actual color, only they retailed for some 2,000+ yen when they first came out and weren't supposed to be cheap lipstick. Texture wise they were kind of gritty given the amount of shimmers. 

I ended up giving both sticks away. So glad to have waited for a while before getting into Japanese lipsticks. Got to give those brands a chance to improve their formulas first ^.^

- PK-18: clear pastel pink with lots of pink and silver shimmers.

- PK-19: clear coral with finer pink shimmers.

PK-18 and PK-19.


Citrine said...

I almost picked them up from adambeauty a few trips back...Then I decided that when I have multiple lipsticks lined up, I used the expensive one first, at least ones with really solid packaging. I am lemming on some Chicca right now but ichibankao folks are off for winter vacation...

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Yeah, these aren't worth it even as cart fillers, to be honest. I should have bought actual lip balms at a fraction of the price :(

I saw the Chicca lipsticks on display at Ginza Mitsukoshi but the large color range scared me away LOL


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