Sunday, February 12, 2017

Biore SaraSara UV Perfect Milk SPF50+ PA++++

Just realized I'd forgotten to post this review of Biore SaraSara UV Perfect Milk SPF50+ PA++++, which I'd finished using last November.

No, it didn't take me that many months to finish a 60mL bottle. Rather, it was a combination of mixing with the 25g tube of Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen, all while experimenting on the side with several other half-used tubes and bottles, among them Menturm the Sun UV Watery Milk, Hada-Labo Koi-Gokujyun Perfect UV Gel, Sunkiller Perfect Strong Moisture, and Nivea Sun Protect Plus UV Creamy UV Essence.   

In the spring of 2016, I'd bought one each from the Biore SaraSara UV Perfect Milk line, namely the 30mL Face Milk (white, for face only), the 30mL Bright Milk (pink, for face only), and this Milk (blue, for face and body). But I didn't dare to touch any of them due to the entire line's notoriously drying nature.

This opaque milk was actually thicker than some of the milks I've used. It was thicker than Mentholatum Skin Aqua SaraFit UV Sara Sara Milk and Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N. That said, it absorbed fairly quickly and dried to a nice soft matte. I did brave a whole week of wearing this by itself and sure enough, my nose, cheeks, and chin were all peeling by the second day. Yikes!

Then came the host of duds listed above and I had a light bulb moment. If a sunscreen is too thick and greasy to be worn on its own, then surely an overly drying sunscreen milk would help thin it out some? It sure did work, so I put the milk through whole the lineup and found that it worked best when mixed with Anessa Perfect Essence. This milk was already thick, and the Anessa Essence was the thinnest out of the "essences" and "gels" that were more like pastes.

I was afraid the mixture of Biore Milk + Anessa Essence would deep fry my skin once I return home where the climate is already super dry. To my surprise, it didn't and I was able to finish using the whole bottle. I still have a little bit of Anessa left and will probably pick a different milk to mix with when it gets warmer outside. 

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