Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aquaphor Lip Repair

Stocked up on several of these 10mL/0.35fl. oz. tubes of Aquaphor Lip Repair for hubby. They happened to show up on my Amazon search with great reviews so I just grabbed a few ^.^

Since coming home from Tokyo, poor hubby got horribly chapped lips and within a couple of months, he went through the last backups of Nivea A Kiss of Mint and A Kiss of Olive Oil and Lemon. He got desperate enough to borrow my DHC Medicated Lip Cream despite it looking like a lipstick and leaves a sheen, so I figured it was time for some serious and non-frilly-looking lip balms.

These fit the bill and he's been very happy with them so far, much so he carries one in his backpack and leaves one on his nightstand. I've "borrowed" some several times and found it to have the same consistency as vaseline, only balmier and is rather comforting on the lips. I do wish it was a tad thicker because I tried wearing it overnight and it was gone by the morning. But hey, it's for hubby and he's happy with it so who am I to complain? Will continue to stock up on these until he's bored with them.

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