Thursday, May 25, 2017

Suqqu 2015 Christmas Makeup Kit B

Call this Suqqu 2015 Christmas Makeup Kit B a nostalgic purchase, because I'd already swatched it in person and went with Kit A instead. And then over the holidays, I spotted this Kit B on Rakuten JP for 7,000yen with free shipping. At the time, I also had about 1,800 Rakuten points (1,800yen's worth!), so I didn't hesitate and got this Kit B for 5,200yen, or about 35% off of the 8,000yen retail. Woot!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This Kit B comes with Eye Color Palette EX-04 紫蘇織 (Shisouori), Gel Eyeliner Pencil EX-02, and a 50mL/1.7fl. oz. bottle of Eye Makeup Remover R. I still haven't gotten around to using my bottle from Kit A, so it'll be a while until I review this item. I donated the tweed pouch ^.^"

I haven't changed my mind much about the Eye Color Palette. The sparkling top wash is just as dry and gritty as I remember, though the other 2 colors are much better and softer, with the buttery one being the deepest shade. Let's just say I'm happy I got this kit at a discount instead of paying rip-off E(vil)bay price. It's just not worth it.

- EX-04 紫蘇織 (Shisouori): this palette is much prettier in natural light than when I saw it in indoor lighting. Both the sparkling top wash and the medium/lid reflect a lilac sheen that wasn't there before, probably due to the artificial light's warm yellow cast.

- Top: sparkling top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. A translucent whisper pink that reflects a wet lilac sheen.
- Center: medium/lid, shimmer, medium intensity. A dusty mauvy pink with very fine periwinkle shimmers that again reflects a lilac sheen.
- Bottom: medium crease/liner, shimmer, high intensity. A blend of purplish taupe and maroon that turns out to be a plummy eggplant instead of plummy maroon, with more blue in it. Gorgeous color!

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