Sunday, May 21, 2017

Deborah Lippmann Lipstick

Welp, Citrine sold me on yet another lipstick formula, the Deborah Lippmann Lipstick.

Deborah Lippmann is a celebrity manicurist and it's expected that she focuses on all things hands, feet, and nails. But there was a while when she branched out into lipsticks, which were available in sets along with a matching nail color for $24 or individually for $22. The lipsticks are discontinued now but a few colors can still be found in various discounted shops and of course E(vil)bay. I was able to find 3 colors I like, Call Me Maybe, Let's Do It, and She Bangs.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

For a boutique brand wherein one bottle of nail polish runs a whopping $20 (it's been a decade since I last bought nail polish, okay?), I can't wrap my head around the fact that these $22 lipsticks look like they came from the dollar store, right down to the outer paper packaging O.O Seriously, what kind of atrocity is this?

Yes, yes, I'm the same person who refuses to pay for overpriced lipsticks with "fancy" packaging, but for $22 I think it's reasonable to expect a tube that's slightly less fugly. These black plastic things are huge and clunky. They scratch easily. Overall, they just feel super crappy and cheap. The atrocious packaging doesn't bode well for the lipstick, but in my mind I'm telling myself, wait, wait, I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Because Addiction Lipstick Sheer has huge and clunky packaging that may look a little nicer but they're still terrible plastic tubes--with a spectacular formula inside! And plus Citrine and I share similar opinions on lipstick formula most of the time. Our differences lie in the colors and how funky they can be once applied to our lips.

Turns out Deborah Lippmann is one of those brand that puts all the money into the formula and none in the packaging. The lipstick is indeed fantastic! They're shimmer-free jellies that apply buttery soft and are super moisturizing and comfortable to wear. They also leave a lovely glossy shine that makes my lips appear full and plump. Their translucency varies and the lipstick itself has a sweet scent, but I can deal with both. The only thing that really takes me aback is the pigmentation. Holy hell, who says this stuff is sheer?! May be this is another case of mistaken sheerness for translucency, because these are super pigmented if you ask me--see the swatches for yourself!

- Call Me Maybe: a scorching semi-translucent coral with orange undertone that's much more apparent on the back of my hand than on my lips. Because of the pigmentation, I just need one layer on both lips for a good dose of color.

Here are some corals with orange undertones: Lipstick Queen Saint Sunny Rouge and Endless Summer Stoked, Korres Mango Butter Lipstick 45 Coral (call it a comeback, but I'm really enjoying these Korres lippies lately!), and this Call Me Maybe. See how big the plastic tube is?

- Let's Do It: appears a deep brownish red in the tube and is true to color on my lips, but it turns much more red on the back of my hand (see swatches). It's also the most translucent, almost transparent, and therefore my favorite color of all three.

Among the brown-reds in my collection: Lunasol Full Glamour Lips 18 Brown Red, Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge RS555 Chic Rose, this Let's Do It, and Lipstick Queen Saint Berry. See how red Let's Do It is, and how brown Saint Berry? I think the only *real* brown-reds here are Lunasol and Maquillage.

A slightly different combination of Lunasol FGL 18 Brown Red, Stain Color Lips EX04 Soft Bordeaux, this Let's Do It, and Paul & Joe Lipstick CS 101 Snuggle Up. The Stain Color Lips is definitely bordeaux while P&J pulls mauvy-rose. Let's Do It is still very red.

- She Bangs: an eye-popping poinsettia red. With this color, I don't even need a full layer, just dabs on my upper lip and press to spread is enough!

So of course I have to dig out Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick Sheer F-Bomb, and what do you know She Bangs is both more pigmented and more opaque than Sheer F-Bomb. Wow!

From left to right: Call Me Maybe, Let's Do It, and She Bangs. See how Let's Do It is way more translucent than the other two? She Bangs also brings out all the brown in it.


kuri said...

Fascinating! I think I'll stick to currently available lipsticks but if I see this on discount I'll pick it up. I am debating my next Sonia Kashuk even though I don't need more lipstick :P

D. said...

Hi Claire,

And I'd recommend Let's Do It :D

I love the Sonia Kashuk lippies too. Too bad there are no new colors.


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