Friday, May 26, 2017

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage

I wasn't going to even go near Urban Decay's new massive collection of Vice Lipstick. That was, until I saw these Vice Lipstick Vintage on sale. There were several colors available, but I thought they were all pretty garish save for one color, Bruise in a sheer finish. So I picked it up to compare with Sheer Revolution Sheer Shame. What? It's called research, folks, research! xD

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm not so sure what's so "vintage" about this lipstick. It's labeled as "Vintage Capsule Collection" on Sephora, but I really doubt vintage packaging is anything like these short and stout round tubes. If you see one, please prove me wrong. Other than that, the tube is plastic despite the brushed metal cap and metallic gold bullet inside. At least the twisting mechanism feels sturdy and not flimsy.

Here's how the "vintage" tube measures up to the discontinued Sheer Revolution Lipstick tube.

I'm not sure about the other colors, but the formula for this particular color feels identical to the Sheer Revolution. Very thick, slightly sticky, yet not exactly moisturizing. It's unscented.

- Bruise (Sheer): a lovely burgundy that turns more red on my lips. And by sheer they meant semi-translucent because as you can see, it's not sheer at all. The only way I can actually sheer it out is to layer balm underneath, which also adds the moisture that it lacks. The swatch is a single swipe. And here's your truly wearing a single layer on a date with hubby recently (got to squeeze in as many of those dinner dates as possible before the little one arrives!).

Here's Bruise (Sheer) versus Sheer Shame. I'd say the pigmentation level for Bruise is somewhere in between Shame and Sheer Shame. 

Yup, that's all for my Vice Lipstick adventures. Curiosity satisfied.


Unknown said...

This collection was called vintage because apparently, the first ud lipsticks looked like this. I take the name of the collection "vintage vice" to mean mean "vintage urban decay" lipsticks which were going for a shotgun shell look. The permenant ones look about the same but don't have the original, smooth silvery cap which is what differentiates them I guess.

And that color looks gorgeous on you!

Citrine said...

This is exactly how I want wine shades to turn out (but you know, unless they are obviously brown, most head to magenta...)I have also been curious about all the formula out there but at the end, I wear the same old sheer red over and over again...

D. said...

Thanks, Yin!

It's been a while, how are you?

I see, though UD is only about 20 years old or so, perhaps they're jumping the gun a bit with "vintage" LOL!


D. said...

Hey Mina,

Oh! In that case, have you tried Lipstick Queen Saint Berry? It's brown through and through on me, so may be it'll be a nice berry on you?

I have the same problem with sheer reds too. It's my default color when I'm lazy.


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