Friday, May 5, 2017

Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes Part II

So...they released new colors for Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes and the new colors look rather interesting ^.^ I went ahead and picked up 29 Romantic Garden, 30 Pink Whale, 31 Play Mode, 34 Brown Market, and 35 Lazz Lounge, skipping 32 Mambo Mood and 33 Candy Glow because they're too red, at least they look that way from stock photos and online swatches.

***Stock photo from the interweb.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I got lucky with this batch and all the colors are gorgeous! These are slightly less pigmented than the previous colors but I don't mind this so much, because all of them make a beautiful lid wash, which is the only thing I'm ever in the mood for these days because I'm just too lazy to go beyond that. I especially love 34 and 35 with the intense metallic finish, so yes, I definitely recommend these colors if you're looking for quick and easy but sparkly daytime or nighttime wear.

- 29 Romantic Garden: high shimmer, very sheer. A peachy pink with white shimmers that makes a lovely sparkling top wash that can be built up to a lid wash with two layers.

- 30 Pink Whale: metallic, low intensity. Not pink at all but a lovely metallic peach with pink and white shimmers.

- 31 Play Mode: metallic, low intensity. Beautiful metallic rosy pink with white shimmers.

- 34 Brown Market: metallic, medium intensity. A coppery gold that thankfully doesn't turn red on my lids. This shade is intensely metallic with a mirror-like shine. Love this.

- 35 Lazz Lounge: metallic, medium intensity. A taupe-beige, again intensely metallic with a slight wet sheen. More love!

From left to right: 29 Romantic Garden, 30 Pink Whale, 31 Play Mode, 34 Brown Market, and 35 Lazz Lounge.

See my previous Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes post.


Citrine said...

I saw those at Aritaum site half off a few days ago and ended up getting the rest...Anyway, I don't regret buying from chinatown since they gave me way more freebies. Now I need to sort all my singles out.

D. said...

Hey Mina,

I just picked up 3 more colors on the pinker spectrum! Crossing my fingers they'll work!


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