Friday, June 2, 2017

Stila Convertible Color Part V

During Stila's warehouse sale back in February, I added a few more Convertible Colors to my collection, Fuchsia, Gladiola, Poppy, Rose, and Sweet Pea. At the time, there was also a promotion for an extra 25% off of clearance, so I ended up paying less than half price each. I love bargains ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash. Clickable = zoomable.

Here I'm switching place between a few colors to make swatching a bit easier: Gladiola and Sweet Pea, and Poppy and Rose. Sorry for any confusion.

Call me a slow-learner, but I finally noticed that these Convertibles aren't consistent in texture and finish, as in some are creams with opaque finish, some are cream-jellies with semi-translucent finish, and some are jellies with translucent, if not transparent finish! I did find Peach Poppy, Coral, and Roseberry from the Collage of Color Lip & Cheek Palette to be different, as in they're cream-jellies with translucent finish, but I [incorrectly] assumed it was because they were LE colors.

- Fuchsia: cream jelly, semi translucent, I think this is more of a hot pink leaning fuchsia, as there's not enough blue in it to truly be fuchsia.

- Sweet Pea: cream, opaque, hot pink leaning warm. I swatched this next to Fuchsia above and found them to be almost indistinguishable. The blended swatches are identical, and they're identical on my cheeks. So take your pick of the formula and finish. If you like cream-jelly with a semi-translucent finish, go for Fuchsia above. If you prefer a cream with opaque finish, this Sweet Pea will do just fine.

Fuchsia and Sweet Pea. I can barely tell them apart. Can you?

- Rose: cream jelly, semi translucent. Reddish brown and nowhere close to being rosy at all.

Here are Lotus and Rose. With Lotus being rusty brown, the red in Rose shows up a bit better. Still not rosy in my humble opinion.

- Poppy: jelly, translucent. Don't let the product photos fool you. This color is a neutral red and it's not as warm as it looks. My favorite color of the bunch.

- Gladiola: cream jelly, transparent. This color surprised me. It scared me a bit when I opened up the compact, as in, woah, it's really orange! But thanks to the transparent finish, it actually works great, giving my cheeks a healthy flush. My second favorite color of the bunch.

Gladiola isn't as scary as it looks in the compact!

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