Monday, July 25, 2016

Stila Convertible Color Part IV

These Stila x Baublebar Gift Sets in Glow & Behold and Merry & Bright were from the 2014 holiday season. I've had them since last summer when they went on clearance. After months of using Canmake Cream Cheeks and the new Lip & Cheek Gels, I finally dug them out, ready for more Convertible Colors I don't yet have.

Glow & Behold and Merry & Bright Gift Sets. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Basically, each gift set contains a Convertible Color, a Smudge Stick, a Lip Glaze, and a stretchy rhinestone headband. I ended up giving away both sets of headbands, Smudge Sticks, and Lip Glazes and kept only the Convertible Colors to myself.

The headband's a disaster waiting to happen. I can just see my hair getting caught in those rhinestones and pull and hurt like hell. I'm a daily headband wearer, so I know what I don't want to deal with. I already have both of the Smudge Sticks and don't need dupes of either color. The last Lip Glaze I had was in 2010 and since then I've no desire whatsoever to try another. In fact, for a few years now I've pretty much stopped using lip glosses altogether. So that leaves just the two Convertible Colors, which are all I want and need, and I'll just go straight to describing their colors since this is a running series.

The Glow & Behold set contains Convertible Color Magnolia, Lip Glaze Gleam, and Smudge Stick Lionfish.

- Magnolia: looks a darker tan in the compact but swatches a pinky nude and blends out to a lot more pink on my cheeks. This gives me a fresh flush that's hard to overdo, especially in the summer heat.

The Merry & Bright set contains Convertible Color Tulip, Lip Glaze Glamour, and Smudge Stick Purple Tang. I was pretty tempted to keep Glamour because let's be honest here, that berry is gorgeous! But then I remember the many Lip Glazes I had, and hated. At this point, I no longer have any patience or tolerance for goopiness on my lips.

- Tulip: a berry in the compact and is true to color when swatched but blends out to reddish pink. It's very pigmented as you can see, so a tiny little dab will do. So very flattering! Love this color so much!

Magnolia and Tulip.

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Citrine said...

I like tulip! I saw both colors as singles at tjmaxx but both were dipped...Maybe I should try ebay one.

I noticed they changed the formula for the lipglaze so I nolonger like them, it used to be thick and glassy now it's goopy...

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

I love Tulip too, and I pretty much bought both sets for just the Convertible Colors. The generous compact means they'll last me forever!

The Lip Glaze has always been goopy for me :(


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