Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Suqqu Eye Color Palette Part V

Suqqu Eye Color Palettes 01 透橙石 (Toutouseki) and 02 金紫石 (Kinshiseki) are the last of my nostalgic purchases. For the longest time, palette 01 透橙石 (Toutouseki) wasn't available on Selfridges UK online. One night I saw a brief appearance and noted how similar it was to EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki), so I decided to pick it up for research. Right.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Wow, there are lots of similarities indeed, not just between palette 01 and EX-06 but also between palette 02 and Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-21 紫水晶 (Murasakisuishou)! Let the comparisons begin!

- 01 透橙石 (Toutouseki): a warm peach and brown palette with a whisper pink sparkling top wash that pretty much shows up as white sparkles on my lids.

- Top: sparkling top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. Whisper pink, but it really doesn't matter, does it?
- Center: medium/crease, shimmer, medium intensity. Pretty peach.
- Bottom: liner, shimmer, high intensity. Chocolate.

01 透橙石 (Toutouseki) is a warmer and peachier version of EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki), with a more pigmented liner shade.

- 02 金紫石 (Kinshiseki): a cooler pink and purple palette that's pretty much a blend of several pans in EX-21 紫水晶 (Murasakisuishou). I'm starting to see patterns of repeats in Suqqu, do you? No wonder they're discontinuing the Blend Color Eyeshadows to introduce Design Color Eyes!

- Top: sparkling top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. Golden champagne.
- Center: medium/lid, shimmer, medium intensity. A cool pink with hints of violet.
- Bottom: liner, shimmer, high intensity. Deep bluish purple with a muted silver sheen.

Let's see which pans in Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-21 紫水晶 (Murasakisuishou) reappears in 02 金紫石 (Kinshiseki)!

Top row: EX-21 pans A + B = 02 pan C
Center: EX-21 pan D is a slightly more violet version of 02 pan D.
Bottom row: EX-21 pans E + F  = 02 pan G. Interesting, hmm?

01 透橙石 (Toutouseki) left column and 02 金紫石 (Kinshiseki) right column. If you missed out on EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki) or Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-21 紫水晶 (Murasakisuishou), you still have these two palettes 01 and 02!

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