Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Koyudo Brushes Part XI

Spent the last of my CDJapan points (not affiliated) on these Koyudo brushes, because I just can't stay away from Koyudo no matter how hard I tried. I got a backup of fu-pa01, the Soft Version, a Flat Top Kabuki Brush, and indulged in one Somell Garden Lemon x Walnut Face Brush.

- fu-pa01 Soft Tankoho, 5,520yen: honestly, after having used the brush for a long time now, I've come to dislike the dyed-hair version. There's something about hair dyed black that just repulses me, especially with a face or cheek brush. I want to be able to see all the color stains to determine when the brush is dirty and needs to retire from the rotation tray, and I can't see a thing when all the hair is dyed. Even worse is when I wash that brush, the black dye still bleeds. Do not like. So when I spotted this un-dyed tankoho hair brush, it was a no-brainer. I'll probably pass on the dyed-hair one to my mom.

- Flat Top Kabuki Brush Goat, 4,100yen: this happens to be one of the more affordable kabuki brushes from Koyudo and I'm not sure why. It's un-dyed goat hair that's densely packed and very soft. The CDJapan says it's a limited edition, which usually means it comes with a "special" price, and is not marked "on sale" otherwise. Perhaps it's been discontinued or phased out and they're trying to get rid of remaining stock? Either way, what a steal! A great brush for my sunscreen powder, that is, when I do get to use it...

- Somell Garden Lemon x Walnut Face Brush Hakutotsuho, 3,800yen: I'm not too thrilled about this brush with its dyed bright yellow hakutotsuho hair. Why on earth would they ruin that perfectly good hair and make the brush toy-like?! Urgh. I do like the walnut handle, and the brush is dense enough to blend sunscreen powder and is soft. Definitely skipping the rest of the Somell Garden collection though.

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Karen said...

All you Koyudo brushes and no Kihitsu? They’re a separate company, but made in the same facilities, and by the same people, as Koyudo. 😀

D. said...

Hi Karen,

Oh I didn't know that Kihitsu is made in the same facilities and same people as Koyudo! I''m pretty happy with my current brush collection but I'll take a look for sure. Thank you for telling me :)


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