Saturday, June 17, 2017

Koyudo Brushes Part X

After picking up some small eyebrow brushes, I thought I was done with Koyudo. Boy was I wrong, because they went and released this wicked handsome Japanese Cherry Birch Mizume-zakura Series.

From left to right: Face Brush, Blush Brush, and Large, Medium, and Small Eye Shadow Brushes.

Now, I'm not one to buy brushes for their just their fancy handles. These have handles made of lovely Japanese Cherry Birch, yes, but I'm way more excited about their un-dyed saikoho hair and their domed and round brush heads. This means all three eye shadow brushes are pencil brushes which I'm partial to. Suffice to say I was totally sold. These have been stuck in my rotation tray before my little one came along--I no longer have time to pick out new brushes to switch them out. But let's just say I love them more with each use.

- Face Brush Saikoho, 8,000JPY: this brush head is identical to the Fuwafuwa, from hair to shape to bristle length. Basically, it's the Fuwafuwa with a longer handle of Japanese Cherry Birch and 4,000JPY cheaper to boot! Woot! If you missed out on the Fuwafuwa, I'd really recommend this brush. Absolutely no complaints here.

- Blush Brush Saikoho, 4,200JPY: a tad too fluffy and I can't blend creams as thoroughly as I'd like, but this brush is excellent with powder blushes.

- Large Eyeshadow Saikoho, 2,500JPY: a very versatile large pencil brush that I use for lay-down, lid washes, and blending.

Post-wash. I love that it tapers to a pointed tip.

- Medium Eyeshadow Saikoho, 2,000JPY: I use this brush for medium crease colors and accent colors along the upper lids.


- Small Eyeshadow Saikoho, 1,700JPY: yet another versatile small pencil brush. Excellent for highlighting inner corners of the eyes as well as for lining.


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