Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Koyudo Favorites

Now that I got the newest Koyudo brushes out of the way, I present to you a list of my Koyudo favorites, just in case you are considering slipping in an order before the new prices take effect. It goes without saying that these are my personal favorites, and my taste probably differ vastly from yours so weigh your decisions carefully.

I will list the brushes in order of the collection and then model number. Click on the brush name to see more pictures and reviews. There are several without photos and reviews. Those brushes aren't here yet, which means I haven't actually used them yet. However, I listed them here anyway - I bought them because I already own the smaller/larger version and love it, or I'm almost certain I will love them.

For each brush, I will also list the current as well as the upcoming new price in Italics, as it may help to see which can wait and which cannot. That said, keep in mind the new prices are inclusive of Japanese sales tax, so the CDJapan price may be a tad lower, though not much so don't hold your breath =.=.

- fu-pa01 Goat Sokoho, 4,457 => 5,961JPY

fu-pa02 Goat Hakutotsuho, 3,505 => 4,665JPY

fu-pa10-p S Goat & Synthetic, 2,800 => 3,628JPY

fu-pa11-p Goat & Synthetic, 2,200 => 2,851JPY

- fu-pa13-p S Goat, 4,200 => 5,443JPY
I don't have a review for it right now, but see Sonia's detailed posts here and here.

fu-pa14 Ena White Series Gray Squirrel & Goat, 6,000 => 9,720JPY

H Series White Kinoko Saikoho Goat Cherry Wood Handle, 11,000 => I don't see this brush on the Koyudo Japanese website (unless I'm blind and totally missed it somehow...), which probably means it's no longer available, so whatever stock CDJapan has is it...

- H Series H007 Kinoko Wood Gray Squirrel & Goat Sokoho, 5,300 => 8,586JPY
From owning the fu-pa14 above and the Sakura022 below, both of which also have gray squirrel and goat hair, I just know it's going to be good ^.^ Sonia also has a review for the same brush in the Pink handle.

- H Series H012 Fan Gray Squirrel & Goat Sokoho, 7,200 => 11,664JPY
Same logic as above, as I already know this mix of hair is going to be a hit.

- Red Blush Gray Squirrel, 6,050 => Not sold separately on Koyudo Japanese online shop. See more details on these Red brushes below. I bought this as well as the BP018 and BP022 below because I love the smaller version BP025.

Red Large Shader Gray Squirrel, 3,630 => Not sold separately on Koyudo Japanese online shop.

That said, the full 8-Piece Set (top) currently goes for 42,800JPY on CDJapan, while the Koyudo Japanese online shop offers a 5-Piece Set (bottom 2 photos) for 61,562JPY!

***Stock photos from CDJapan (not affiliated!!!) and Koyudo JP.

These are the exact same brushes, only the 5-Piece Set is without:
1. Medium Powder Brush with round ferrule, current price 10,010JPY.
2. Pointed Eye Shadow Brush with round ferrule, current price 2,090JPY.
3. I'm guessing (because it doesn't say, but it sure looks like it) this is the M Portable Series M008 Retractable Lip Brush Red, 1,800 => 1,944JPY.

So if you're eyeing this set, definitely jump for it at CDJapan (not affiliated!) because you're getting 3 extra brushes for a whole 18,762JPY/~USD157 LESS!!! Yes, you read that right. Follow the links above if you don't believe me. It's nuts, I know. I don't want to deal with the 2 big squirrel powder brushes, otherwise I would have grabbed this whole set in a heartbeat.

Red Medium Shader Gray Squirrel, 2,970 => Not sold separately on Koyudo Japanese online shop. I bought this brush because I own the Large version above and I love it.

- Sakura022 Gray Squirrel & Goat Sokoho, 4,700 => I don't see it listed on Koyudo Japanese website, probably means it's no longer available, so whatever stock CDJapan has is it...

- BP013 Goat Hakutotsuho, 4,800 => 6,220JPY
Because I own the BP014 and I love it ^.^ See Sonia's review for BP013 here, here, and here.

BP014 Goat Hakutotsuho, 2,800 => 3,628JPY

BP016 Goat Saikoho, 4,200 => 5,443JPY

- BP018 Gray Squirrel, 5,500 => 8,910JPY
Because I own the smaller BP025 below and I love it ^.^

BP020 Goat Sokoho, 3,800 => 4,924JPY

- BP022 Gray Squirrel, 6,300 => 10,206JPY
Because it's gray squirrel in a small and super dense flat top, unlike the big and fluffy powder brushes. See Sonia's review for this brush here.

BP025 Gray Squirrel, 3,900 => 5,475JPY

BP027 Kolinsky, 4,000 => 5,184JPY

BP029 Gray Squirrel, 3,300 => 4,633JPY

BP033 Gray Squirrel, 2,700 => 3,790JPY

BP034 Kolinsky, 3,000 => 3,888JPY

BP046 Badger Parmi, 2,000 => 2,592JPY

- C008 Weasel, 1,600 => 2,073JPY

- C010 Pony, 1,400 => 1,814JPY

- C011 Goat, 1,300 => 1,684JPY

- C019 Goat & Synthetic, 2,800 => 3,628JPY

Pr004 Goat Sokoho & Synthetic, 2,200 => 2,851JPY

Pr005 Goat Sokoho & Synthetic, 1,800 => 2,332JPY


Anonymous said...

Me again!

Thank you SO much the speedy post! I love it especially after you take note of the the price increase. Some of it makes me cry on the inside.

Anyway, I have 8 in my wishlist and ugh... I just hope I'm making the right decisions. I like that a few of them such as: bp018, bp020, bpo22, and bp025 are on your list...I haven't seen too many reviews of these in particular but many are gray squirrel so I HAD to jump in especially since the price increase are huge for the gray squirrel ones.

It seems that I can probably get by without the eye brushes (thank goodness for my wallet!) One last question though...

Have you bought back ups of any of these? I don't know if I should order two of a certain one. Seems like the consensus is the fu-pa14 though. Lol.

(Sorry for the long post. You're super helpful and I definitely appreciate it!)

D. said...

Hi again ^.^

You're so welcome and I'm happy you found this post helpful!

You cried on the inside, I DIED on the inside T.T That was why I put in my huge order the other day, because after the price increase, I won't be able to afford anymore Koyudo brushes *sobs*

I've read that Koyudo gray squirrel brushes are on par in quality and softness as Chikuhodo's Z Series. And while I don't own any Z Series brushes, I do have the BP025 as well as the few gray squirrel eye brushes and I absolutely love love love them. Their softness just melts to the touch.

The BP020 will startle you with its softness and density. It's the softest sohoko brush I own and I seriously can't distinguish between its sokoho hair and my other saikoho brushes.

As for backups, I actually rather getting dups than buying two of the same brush. For example, I bought BP046 Badger Parmi as dup for Hakuhodo B162 Weasel, the Koyudo Red Large Shader (rounder crown) as dup for the BP029 (slightly tapered crown), and Red Blush (rounder crown) as dup for BP018 (slightly tapered crown), all gray squirrels. These brushes are slightly different and are not identical, but they achieve the same result.

Another thing to consider when buying backups of the same brush is that these brushes are handmade one by one, and handmade products are bound to differ from one to the next. So even if you were to buy two of the same brush, they might end up slightly different anyway.

Sorry for the long answer. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Aha interesting,
I ended up ordering all 8 brushes just because I didn't want to regret it later. And besides, I could sell off any that didn't quite suit my needs which is a better trade off then not being able to later afford a brush I could have afforded and loved.

Anyway, you make a VERY good point about back ups. I didn't even consider that ordering the same brush could yield different outcomes. Plus finding dupes gives you an opportunity to try so many new products.

Okay this is the last... LAST question...I swear! Have you every had trouble ordering Kolinsky brushes? Did customs give you a hard time about the type of hair? I've read quite a few having their items returned or haggled by customs about them.

Thanks again! (You're a lifesaver seriously!)

D. said...

Hi again Anonymous ^.^

Yes, comes March 2 Koyudo will fly out of my [wallet's] reach as well, which is why I so lament this price increase. I'm sure I won't be the only customer alienated by the price change. Even if I do agree that Koyudo brushes are of quality and probably should fetch such a high price, it makes me sad all the same.

Ah, yes, the kolinsky brushes. So far, no. At least not from Koyudo or Chikuhodo, probably because these ship directly from Japan. Whereas Hakuhodo's USA web shop no longer lists any kolinsky brush, because Hakuhodo keeps stock here within the US and orders via this website are dispatched from within the US.

Does this answer your question?


Rachel Huang said...

Hi I am wondering if you are willing to let go of a Fupa-14. Even the used ones are fine! Thanks!

D. said...

Hi Rachel,

I did not publish your other comments because you left your email and phone number(!) on them.

I only have 1 fupa-14 and I will not be selling it, as it is one of my favorite brushes that I use regularly.


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