Monday, February 9, 2015

HanSkin Mineral Magic Moisture B.B. SPF30 PA++

Since trying Hanskin Super Light Touch BB SPF30 PA++, I was so impressed I bought several other 10mL tubes of Hanskin bb creams to try. This Mineral Magic Moisture B.B. SPF30 PA++ is among those, although unfortunately it looks like this bb cream has been discontinued. Hanskin is downsizing their bb creams lineup, which is a good thing because, well, have you seen their lineup? It's ginormous!!! At the same time, some great stuff is getting axed, and that includes this one :(

From left to right: this Mineral Magic Moisture B.B. SPF30 PA++, UV Screen B.B. SPF50+ PA+++, Gold Pearl B.B., and Smooth Reflex Moisture B.B. SPF27 PA++. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This bb cream is unscented, and unlike many other bb creams I've tried this one has sheer coverage with some translucency in the finish. For a bb cream it's exceptionally light in texture, which makes application super easy. I'd really have to slather this stuff on to overdo it, which really helps a clumsy goof like me ^.^ The down side, of course, is the sheer coverage, so it's not so great as a concealer and is much better as a brightener/highlighter. Whenever I want the no-makeup makeup look I go for this. As with other Hanskin bb creams, this one stays put once on and does not crease settle into fine lines.

I actually quite like this and am sad it's being discontinued. But since the makeup world isn't going to run out of bb creams anytime soon, I elected not to get a back up.


kuri said...

wise of you to refrain from getting a backup! I am slowly working through my base makeup backlog. I just want to throw out stuff that doesn't immediately work, and yet I don't want to throw it out...

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Yeah, I'm really really tempted to get more of these but I just know I probably will never even get through with this tube. And plus I already got backups for the Dr.G Gowoonsesang Total Active ( ^.^

I know what you mean about throwing stuff out! Just today I forced myself to do a purge. It's hard...

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