Saturday, February 7, 2015

Visee Glossy Rich Eyes Part II

Despite wishing for more metallic, I really enjoy my Visee Glossy Rich Eyes. So when Visee released the winter 2014 limited edition Urban Winterland collection, I nabbed the two palettes BR-9 Warm Skin and PU-10 Winter Orchid as soon as they become available.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

From the stock photos, these limited edition compacts are shown to be white, different than the shiny black metallic compacts in the permanent range. Sure, fine with me. However, I was quite disappointed when I saw the actual compacts - they're opaque white and super boring, with no distinguishing features at all! In effect, they look so cheap and plastic-y in comparison to the compacts from the permanent range. Boo.

That said, the colors are gorgeous! I'm so glad I got them ^.^ Unlike the cream base in the permanent range that seems to vary in terms of dryness, the one in these two limited edition palettes are consistent. Both are similarly creamy and somewhat more moist, like one in GR-8 Khaki. Also, another distinction here is that the medium/crease shade in PU-10 Winter Orchid is fully metallic, which I'm totally stoked about because it's probably one of the most beautiful shades I've ever seen!

- BR-9 Warm Skin: a warm palette of peach and reddish burnt gold that's just right and not too warm on me. I like the colors a lot, especially the rose gold.

Clockwise from top left:
- Cream base: pearl, low intensity. A cream with a golden pink pearly sheen.
- Highlighter/lid: shimmer, low intensity. A shimmery pinky peach.
- Liner: satin with floating shimmers, high intensity. A strawberry chocolate, as in chocolate with hints of plummy pink in it. Another rather "mysterious" liner shade, just like the one in GR-8 Khaki.
- Medium/crease: semi metallic, high intensity. A burnt gold with red undertone and a coppery semi metallic sheen. Very pretty!

- PU-10 Winter Orchid: a lilac eggplant palette that leans cool but is mostly neutral on me. Hands down this is one of my most favorite palette ever, because all the colors are just gorgeous, every single one of them! The only drawback is that both the cream base as well as the highlighter/lid shade in this palette are sheer, probably sheerest out of all the other palettes. Thankfully the accompanying medium crease and liner shades are super pigmented and more than make up for them!

Clockwise from top left:
- Cream base: pearl, very sheer. A lilac tinted cream.
- Highlighter/lid: shimmer, very sheer. A pastel lilac.
- Liner: satin with floating shimmers, high intensity. A beautiful deep eggplant.
- Medium/crease: metallic, high intensity. A jaw-dropping metallic taupey purple. OMG it's so gorgeous! Now I know it looks kinda sorta mauvey in the pan there, but on me it is definitely not mauve at all. Love love love this color and this palette in general!

See my previous Visee Glossy Rich Eyes post.


m said...

These are soooo pretty.

kuri said...

winter orchid is going on my shopping list!

D. said...

Hi m,

These are pretty!!! I'm really happy with mine ^.^

Hi kuri,

Excellent choice xD I hope you'll like it too!


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