Thursday, February 5, 2015

Visee Glam Glow Eyes Part III

This is the last of the Visee Glam Glow Eyes, palette BL-5. I loved all the other Glam Glows so much I thought I'd complete the whole range. Speaking of which, these are one of very few (may be 3?) line of eye shadow palettes that I own the range of, so let's just say they're pretty special.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

That said, sadly I can see why this BL-5 palette is among the last remaining stock. It may be pigmented, but it's unfortunately not on par with the rest when it comes to texture and, even worse, kind of boring when it comes to finish :( For one, it feels significantly drier, although this may very well be because it's old stock (this line has been discontinued since 2012). Secondly, the metallicity I love so much in the other palettes is inexplicably absent in this blue one! Blue is not my cup of tea at all and I don't usually reach for this end of the spectrum, so I can't really overlook the lack of metallic finish in favor of the colors. Of course my preferences may have skewed this review and I'm not singing its praise, so unless you absolutely love blues I'd say this one is safe to skip.

- BL-5: a cool blue palette that's unfortunately kind of boring due to the lack of metallic finish, which I was the whole reason I bought it to begin. The base/highlighter is not metallic. Even the pretty sky blue medium crease shade is barely semi metallic T.T

- Lower left: cream liner, high shimmer, very sheer. Soft white.
- Upper left: base and highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A blue tinted white.
- Upper right: medium crease shade, semi metallic, medium intensity. A pretty and pigmented sky blue that I really wish was more metallic.
- Lower right: liner shade, shimmer, high intensity. Deep inky blue with glistening royal blue shimmers. Makes a very pretty and pigmented liner.

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