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Koyudo Brushes Part VI

Yes, more Koyudo brushes ^.^ These are some of the brushes I bought right before the price increase took place. The prices listed below are new prices, so I feel like a bandit having made off with a loot xD Anyway, after taking these pictures they all went into my summer wash (right picture), which included all brushes purchased before July 2014. 

In this batch, from left to right: BP013, BP018, BP022, Red Blush, Red Shader, and Red Angled Brow

- BP013 Goat Hakutotsuho, 5,760JPY: I was iffy about getting this brush but I'm so so so so thankful I went with it. Why? Because this brush is phenomenal and if you're hesitating, stop. You need it! Read on and see why. I would have paid much more than 5,760JPY so even this new price is quite a deal for such an awesome brush.

The very first thing you'll probably notice is the shape. The brush looks nothing like the pictures shown on CDJapan! Online it looks very rounded when it's actually rather squared, at least before washing :P Another thing the pictures don't portray is how dense this brush is, think a very slightly less dense fu-pa02 with a much bigger brush head and longer hair, which means more spring. This density makes it an excellent powder foundation brush. If your fu-pa01 or fu-pa02 is giving too heavy a coverage, this brush will fix that. If you have a translucent powder and you want to build up to a little bit of coverage, this brush will do that too. Oh, and did I mention it's super duper soft? Yeah, it feels like saikoho hair. I absolutely love it and I've been using it a lot with my translucent sunscreen powders ^.^

So I kind of lied about this brush being rather squared. Look what happened after I washed it! It turned into a gigantic puff ball and is rounded both from the front as well as the sides LOL

- BP018 Gray Squirrel, 8,250JPY: insanely soft although I do wish it was denser. That said, it's *not* floppy as the hair length is just perfect and not too long. It's a beautiful brush and works really well toning down super pigmented blushes or those that are too shimmery, which means I'm saved from looking like a clown and a disco ball ^.^"

- BP022 Gray Squirrel, 9,450JPY: I pretty much bought this brush to use interchangeably with fu-pa14 for mineral powders or those with thick coverage, as the squirrel hair totally sheers it out. Sure, it'll take a few more strokes because this brush doesn't cover as much surface area as the fu-pa14, but hey it's softer :P The smaller brush head is actually beneficial because I can get pretty close to my lower lash line without poking myself in the eyes =.=" And holy cow it's sooooooft, and it blends my thicker mineral sunscreen powders into a flawless translucent finish. Love.

- Red Blush Gray Squirrel, 8,250JPY: I bought this brush to use interchangeably with the BP018 above and as expected, it does exactly what the BP018 does. Enough said. And as with the BP018, it's also insanely soft. I can just pet these brushes all day LOL!

So I'll confess that I was slightly disappointed when I got both brushes in the mail. They looked identical out of the package, feels like the same density, and they even have the same price! But then I put them up side by side and saw small differences. For example, whereas BP018 is rounded at the front and the sides, the Red Blush is wider towards the top, somewhat flatter at the crown but is totally tapered from the side. Either way, after washing their differences became much more pronounced. The BP018 poofs out and became even rounder on the front and sides, while the Red Blush fans out even wider at the front but lost some tapering on the side due to the poofiness. I love both so I'm not complaining ^.^

BP018 vs. Red Blush before washing (top row) and after washing (bottom row).

- Red Shader Gray Squirrel, 4,050JPY: I own the bigger version, the Red Large Shader, so this was a must have for me. I'm putting together a brush comparison post next so you can see how these Red Large and Medium Shaders compare to BP029 and BP033.

Post wash.

- Red Angled Brow Water Badger, 2,640JPY: I bought this to use interchangeably with BP046. Love it! Will include these in the comparison post also.

More to come! Yes, even more! ^.^

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decibelle said...

First - I've been finding your brush posts so helpful!  Awesome work, thank you so much.  :)

Second - I've been arguing with my brows, their interiour decorator has set up New Black shop in the grey shade range, and I'm trying to get them extradited because if there has to be a New Black, then I strongly believe my Original Black is it, thankyouverymuchindeedy.  Also, I'm no artist and I just can't convincingly recreate that "we-growed-this-way-all-by-ourselfs" brow look using only my fingers and a Beauty Blender, y'know?  So I've been hunting for a magic brow tool so my klutzy non-artist hands can recreate a Van Dycke on my face.

I've been experimenting on my brows with the Koyudo red-handled brow brush and more recently with the BP046 brow brush for a goodly while now.  In general I find the red one more luxurious and pleasant-feeling to use, but an unfortunate mm or so deeper than the BP046.   I'm pretty sure I'd draw more realistic-looking brow hairs with a brush a mm or so closer to 2D.   I find both brushes pretty fab for my purposes and can get the job done in the end with either of them - but nevertheless in my utopian fantasy dream world neither of them are just kwyyyyyyyyte my perfect brow brush.  

That ideal 2D brow brush seems pretty hard to find, sort of like those 2mm technical drawing pens which I also happen to like a lot, gee what are the chances, heh.  :)

If my red-handled Koyudo and BP046 brow brushes ran off together in my fantasy dream world and had a love-child ("... when two brow brushes love each other VERY much ..."), I imagine that after the baby love brush's hair got washed, her naturally-dried no-fuss hairdo would be approx 1.5-2mm deep, sharing her BP046 parent's hair's breadth & length as well as that useful extra stiffness at 2D (I'm looking at you Wayne Goss No8 brush), and also sharing her red parent's extra-silky-smooth luxe glide and gentle spring, with distant-Uncle-Todd-who-we-never-talk-about's height so that she can rock my travel-sized Hakuhodo zip-pouch all over the runways with perfect fit at Kumano Fashion Week (cause after all this is my own personal utopian love brush fantasy world yanno), oh and btw she's also realistically in touch of Koyudo's pricing k?  Thx ever so.  :)

Anyhow I just made a discovery and thought you might be interested - just in case you didn't know already,



She is expensive (Suqqu, obvs) but still surprisingly within-reach of affordable at £20/€28/$30/¥4000 plus shipping from Selfridges.  
(currency conversions from GBP my own guestimates)

Pre-price-rise, I paid approx the same for my BP027, woot!  I ordered my new (and first ever, woot!) Suqqu after reading what turned out to be this usefully accurate review on 
dubyadubyadubya dot frontrowbeauty dot com forward slash

I'm guessing the bloggist may have been on a similar 2D-aspirational brow brush search.  :)

If you're interested, the rest of the link goes like this:

I was so pleased to have my list of requirements be so perfectly fulfilled, it doesn't happen often as you may imagine.

Ok, sorry for the ramble, I'm clicking the button now.  :)

D. said...

Hi decibelle,

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I'm glad to hear my posts are helpful to you!

And thank you for clueing me in with the Suqqu Eyebrow Brush S. Both the Balancing Eyebrow Palette and the brush are now in my cart ^.^


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