Friday, May 31, 2013

Lancome Maison Lancome

The biggest downside to our moving around is that my precious cosmetics are scattered among a few places. There are those I brought with us, those newly purchased sent to either our folks or our in-laws who were so kind to look after our mails and packages while we were away, and those packed up and stored in grandma's basement. 

But the big silver lining is I get to "discover" these forgotten items all over again now that I'm home, and among them some pretty limited edition Lancome blushes like this Maison Lancome Powder Blusher.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I have to say, the powder is gorgeous, at least to look at! I love the details of the rosy bricks and the nice soft layer of pearly white shimmers sprayed over the street lamp at left and the Eiffel Tower at right. I also love the pretty powder pink of the "Maison Lancome" as well as the beige sky behind the tower. The powder itself is finely milled and smooth, even if it's not the softest blush I own. Unlike most other Lancome blushes, it's unscented.

Unfortunately, appearance is all this blush has going. I am very sad to see upon swatching that it's disappointingly sheer. The only part of the blush that has any color at all is the rosy bricks, which, as you can see, is all of may be one fifth of the whole pan, if not less :( The pretty powder pink as well as the beige barely have any color and are pretty much highlighters. Actually, I couldn't see much of the beige at all as it disappeared on the back of my hand, and in natural light no less T.T

Perhaps this "blush" is meant to be admired and not actually used -.-' Ha.

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