Thursday, July 10, 2014

HanSkin Hyaluron Skin Lotion

I'll confess: I bought this HanSkin Travel Set just for that tube of Super Light Touch B.B. ^.^ But then hubby and I were taking a road trip and I figured having some travel sized toiletries would be helpful. So I brought along the Hyaluron Skin Lotion and the World Foam Cleanser, which I will review next.

The HanSkin Travel Set includes 25mL each of this Hyaluron Skin Lotion, Olive Essential Cleansing Oil, and World Foam Cleanser, 10mL tube of Super Light Touch B.B. SPF30 PA++, and 5g pot of Super Collagen Gel.

This is a slightly thick and viscous toner to be patted onto to clean skin before moisturizer. It is mildly scented with a soft scent that doesn't bother me. Because of its texture, it goes on very sticky and takes a long time to absorb. I use very little of it, 4 drops at most, and still I could barely tolerate the tackiness. It's also very moisturizing, and most of the time, just 4 drops of this was enough and I didn't feel the need to layer anything else on top.

However, I ended up having to hand this toner over to my mum after just one week of use. It broke me out :( It seems my skin doesn't like anything with hyaluronic acid in it. I have tried a few other hyaluronic acid products and pretty much the same thing happened, I would break out after 3-4 days and had to quit using before my skin would calm down again. So yeah, I couldn't use this toner and had to give it away. Oh well. Next.

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