Monday, July 14, 2014

Canmake ShimmerJelly Eyes

I'm loving the old and long-discontinued Canmake Liquid Shadow & Base so much I picked up their newer incarnation as ShimmerJelly Eyes, which has also been recently discontinued - what the hell?!? Why, Canmake, why?! :( Of course, this forced me on an online hunting trip for a backup, although luckily I did find a source for it that wasn't too much of a rip-off, unlike E(vil)bay.

There are major differences between the previous Liquid Shadow & Base and these ShimmerJelly Eyes, first being the color range. The Liquid Shadow & Base came in only 2 colors, at least I knew of only 2 colors, 02 Crystal White and 03 Baby Beige. These ShimmerJelly Eyes comes in 6 colors, and in addition to the basics of white, beige, and gold, there are also a pastel pink, a mint green, and chocolate brown.
***Stock photo from Canmake Tokyo.

The two colors I have are 02 Sugar Milk Tea and 06 Crystal Gold, although I'm totally curious about 03 Strawberry Parfait now too.

The second difference being the formula. The Liquid Shadow & Base was a runny liquid with lots of sparkles and a metallic finish (if you think they are too sheer, try shaking them first before application!). These ShimmerJelly Eyes are more like a gel cream with much finer micro shimmers that yield a more sophisticated and soft finish, still shimmery but with the wattage toned down, leaving a slightly wet sheen that pretty much disappears into my skin - that is, if you wear one layer as base. If you intend to wear these alone as eye shadows, 2-3 layers give an opaque metallic finish.

Lasting power-wise both the Liquid Shadow & Base and ShimmerJelly Eyes are about the same. Despite being liquid shadows that double as base, these will crease on me if topped with another liquid shadow, but otherwise they won't budge when worn alone or as base for powder shadows. To wear these as base, any of the Hakuhodo J125R, J214R, or J242G will do a superb job of spreading a thin layer all over the lids, with J214R covering the most area and J242G covering the least. Because all 3 brushes are goat and synthetic mix, they sheer out the formula, which is the reason I'm looking into getting full goat versions J125 or J214, most probably J214, so I can pack on more colors ^.^

02 Sugar Milk Tea: the perfect beige color for a wash all over the lids. I'm really into these beige washes these days, and although I own lots of them, no two are exactly the same and each has its own difference. I just apply 2-3 layers of this, line my eyes and go! Super easy!

06 Crystal Gold: another perfect gold for a wash all over the lids. It's neutral, not too yellow or warm. Same as above, 2-3 layers of this, line my eyes and -wahlah- gorgeous gold metallic wash!

Click on the pictures to zoom. These are single-layer swatches to show you what they look like as an eye base. Normally, I would just leave the pictures in this size, but I don't want people to write these off since they're disappearing into my skin with just one layer. If you zoom, you'll see how nuanced they are, even as a single layer. They're quite gorgeous and I love them very much!

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