Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lioele Miniature Special Set

After Dr.Jart+ The Original BB Set, I tried this Lioele Miniature Special Set, which includes 5mL each of Fresh Sunscreen SPF45 PA++, Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base Pink, Beyond the Solution BB Cream, and Water Drop BB SPF27 PA++. 

The good is that all the tubes in this set are sealed in manufacturer's shrink wrap, which is quite rare for a trial set. The not so good is that all the items are scented. The fragrance doesn't bother me, but I do wish they take it down a notch.

From left to right: Fresh Sunscreen SPF45 PA++, Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base Pink, Beyond the Solution BB Cream, and Water Drop BB SPF27 PA++. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

While 5mL is a perfect trial size for me as I only use a pinhead's amount each time, I have to admit this set is a whee bit disappointing. As you can see, 1 of the item is actually a sunscreen and not a bb cream. And as far as sunscreen goes, SPF45 and PA++ is noticeably weaker than my usual Japanese SPF50+ PA+++/+. I don't know about the Korean rating system, but as per the Japanese one, PA+++ = PPD8-16, PA++++ = PPD16+. Also, yet a second item from this set is a shimmery base and not a bb cream either. 

I haven't tried the Fresh Sunscreen yet, so I won't review it today. I need to give it a good trial first.

- Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base Pink: a translucent and shimmery pearly pale pink base. Interestingly enough, while this base is translucent, as you can see from the swatch and blended pictures below it does a great job of brightening the skin, no different than HanSkin Super Light Touch BB, only leaving a glowy slightly shimmery finish instead of matte! 

I already wear my Japanese sunscreen as makeup base, so I use this as a highlighter instead. For someone with dry skin like me, a liquid/cream highlighter should be a match made in heaven, only I actually prefer my highlighters in powder form. This is because most liquid/cream highlighter don't wear well on top of my sunscreen. More often than not, it will just sit for a couple of hours then cakes, settling into lines or creases. I have only tried this on the under eye area and there it's marvelous. I haven't tried on the nose and mouth area, where after some time chatting, laughing, and eating, even most bb creams would start to crease. Will update once I work up the nerve.

- Beyond the Solution BB Cream: wore this several times already, including today! This one comes out of the tube a shade darker and yellower than my natural skin tone, but what do you know, after application it blended in just right! This is slightly more opaque, like Dr.Jart+ Renewalist and HanSkin Super Light Touch, so it provides slightly better coverage, a better concealer overall. On me, it lasted about 4 hours before creasing, so not quite the no-budge level like the former Dr.Jart+ and HanSkin but it's not bad. I won't purchase the full size though.

- Water Drop BB SPF27 PA++: this one behaves very much like Dr.Jart+ Water Fuse coming out of the tube, as in it turns into water upon application and the color separates somewhat. It's fine after blending, but is still at least 2 shades darker than my natural skin tone. Like Dr.Jart+ Water Fuse, this one is not moisturizing enough either, zapping up all the moisture in my skin and giving me expression lines. Boo.

Swatches (top) and blended (bottom). 

A view farther away.

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