Sunday, July 20, 2014

Clio Waterproof Pen Liner

A few months ago I reviewed Visee Liquid Liner and unfortunately it didn't work for me. However, I got a great recommendation out of that post - a reader, Nick, recommended brush and pen liners from the Korean brand Clio. I have read about Clio's products plenty, and have read they make good liners. So that was all the encouragement I needed ^.^ After a good googling, I ended up with several pen liners from Clio, among which are these Waterproof Pen Liners

There are only 2 colors available with these, 1 Kill Black and 2 Kill Brown, and I bought both. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are pretty straight forward felt tip pens and easy to use. I was a bit nervous upon swatching as the formula is very thin and runny. And as you can see, my skin is dry and immediately upon swatching the ink started to bleed into cracks. Thankfully the ink didn't bleed that way at all when I lined my eyes! 

The first time I tried these, I decided to go without eye primers to see how they perform on my naked and super oily lids. They fared very well ^.^ I applied Victoria's Secret HyperGloss Eye Shimmer in Diamond Lights (will review this color soon) as a wash, then lined with 2 Kill Brown and go over it slightly with a brown eye shadow. Then hubby and I spent a day with our friends, having lunch, went bowling, then walked all over Mission. By the time we got home that night, the shimmer wash had creased, the brown eye shadow on top of the liner smeared, but the liner itself stayed put. I think we have a winner! Thank you, Nick, for the great recommendation!

- 1 Kill Black: opaque jet black, no shimmers.

- 2 Kill Brown: a nice chocolate brown, translucent enough for a very natural looking line and can still be layered for a darker, more opaque look.

1 Kill Black and 2 Kill Brown.


Nick said...

Hello! I recommended the CLIO liner to you, and am thrilled to see you like it! In humid countries, it definitely needs a primer - though that could just be my eyes.

A note: I find that the "ink" finishes rather abruptly. It always happens this way: one day, as I'm lining my eyes, the pen will just suddenly refuse to dispense anymore ink. There seems to be no warning signs at all! No sudden stutter in the flow, no lighter and lighter lines.

In light of this, I suggest a back-up! :)

D. said...

Hi Nick!

Thanks again for the recommendation, and I do have a back up, at least of the brown color since I use it more often than the black ^.^


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