Monday, March 20, 2017

Paul & Joe Beaute Summer 2017 Web Finds

...Are pretty damn scant so far :(

I first spotted the Paul & Joe Summer 2017 Daydream Believer collection on Instagram, shortly before Iris at Rouge Deluxe posted briefly about it

Normally, I only peek at P&J for the lipsticks. I love the sheers and skip the more pigmented ones, and I stay far away from the clear balms or those in gimmicky cat shapes. And then there are the eye shadows, which are mostly miss for me with the exception of the most recent Eye Color M that I truly enjoy. 

Interestingly enough, with this upcoming Summer 2017 to be released on May 1, it's actually the eye shadows that catch my eyes: the Eye Color Limited in a really neat honeycomb pattern! Yes, yes, they'll probably be difficult to pickup, but the colors are so pretty ^.^

The Eye Color Limited palettes come in 3 variations: 005 Blue Mix (not sure if these are official names or what...) in a whale print compact, 006 Green Mix in a paisley print compact, and 007 Brown Mix in a tiny flowers and stripes print compact.

Here are zooms of the above photo and a few others to whet your appetite ^.^ I'm definitely eyeing 005 Blue Mix and 007 Brown Mix. Their adorable compacts are a bonus!

005 Blue Mix
***See more of the collection from Ichika via fortune-girl.

The same 005 Blue Mix under a different light.
 ***Photo from KurikoBeauty via Instagram.

006 Green Mix
***Photos from Ichika via fortune-girl.

Again, same 006 Green Mix under a different light.
***Photos from papaiya_girl via Instagram.

007 Brown Mix
***Photos from Ichika via fortune-girl.

WANT! I'll keep updating this post as I find more photos. Hopefully, swatch photos will surface soon!

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