Friday, July 26, 2019

Fresh Rose Floral Toner

Half way through this 60mL/2fl. oz. spray bottle of Fresh Rose Floral Toner so here's a review for it. It was a part of the Rose Set I picked up for myself and my gal pal J. at Nordstrom last holiday season, when Fresh ran a nice promotion there.

I have to say, I love buying these holiday sets as gifts. But at the same time, I dread buying them for myself even though sets are the best way to sample a new skincare brand. The reason being they all come so elaborately packaged, and since I'm buying for myself I don't really care for the pretty gift boxes. After taking all the goodies out, I just don't know what to do with the leftover packaging. 

Take this gift set, for example. It came in an adorable little carry-on with a letter underneath the lid with stickers and such. Although the carry-on itself is cardboard, but it's so well-made I had a hard time throwing it out afterwards. I ended up stashing it away in my closet because I just couldn't bring myself to trash it :( May be I'll use it to save holiday/greeting cards from friends and family.

So far, I'm mostly impressed with Fresh's packaging, and I'm not just talking about the outer gift packaging (the cardboard carry-on). With the exception of the toner in a plastic bottle, the two jars of cream and mask in this set are both made of glass, which I'm definitely reusing because they're the perfect size (30mL/1fl oz.) to transfer stuff from much larger jars. This is how I keep my skincare fresh. When I'm using a large jar of something, I scoop half out and seal up and store away the rest so they won't be exposed to air and whatnot every morning/night when I open up the jar to use.

Anyway, on to the toner. For a Floral Toner, it's not very "floral" at all. In fact, has a sour, generic soap-like top note when first applied before I smell a faint rose scent. Not very moisturizing either. Every night right after the shower, I spray some on generously and yet it feels as if I'd just splashed my face and neck with just water. After massaging the toner in, my skin is still taut and thirsty. In fact, I'd say the original Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is way better than this, and they always come in a glass jar, even the travel sizes. Will not purchase the full size.

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