Saturday, July 20, 2019

Jurlique Hand Cream Part II

Been using two 40mL tubes of Jurlique Hand Cream in the Citrus and Rose scents. I sent the Jasmine scent tube to a friend in Tokyo so this will be the last Jurlique hand cream post.

- Citrus: this has an interesting lemon scent that I could only describe as "authentic," because it doesn't smell artificial, flowery, or perfumy as in most lemon-scented products. This lemon scent is more like something I'd smell in a kitchen, and every time I use this hand cream I think of food, which is why this tube takes its rightful place in my kitchen tray ^.^

- Rose: this is perhaps the most boring of the bunch because it's the same rose scent as the brand's rose skincare line. That said, it's a nice rose scent that's not overpowering and not too flowery. I like it.

See my previous Jurlique Hand Cream post.

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