Saturday, July 13, 2019

Clarins Men Shampoo & Shower

Just one use left of this 30mL/1.06oz. tube of Clarins Men Shampoo & Shower so here's a quick post for it.

This is a clear blue shampoo and shower gel for men, and I'm using it while waiting for hubby to finish up Bene Premium Crystal Rose Repair Shampoo so we can start the Bluria Moist Spa Shampoo and pair it with the Treatment bottle that's been sitting there since late March. Just a couple of uses left, he said.

This gel has the same masculine citrus scent as the Line-Control Balm. Actually, the scent works better with this gel than with the said balm. In short, the gel lathers decently and rinses well. It keeps my hair grease-free until the late afternoon the next day, which is okay. Glad I tried it but will move on.

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