Saturday, June 7, 2008

Laneige Snow Bloom Blusher

My very very first Korean makeup item, isn't that exciting? I'm branching out and trying new things - omigod!!! I know, I'm a total 3-year old right now. Not to mention dorky. I'm a complete novice with this makeup thing in comparison to some, but hey, I have to start somewhere, right? Tadah - I present you the Laneige Snow Bloom Blusher!

I first saw this beautiful blush at, and it mesmerized me, but I was still skeptical at the time. The website didn't have a *real* picture for me to look at. The one it had was obviously digital. So I scouted around and found a post miss Muse did on Laneige's Spring Collection: Snow Bloom. Still no *real* pictures, however, and I wasn't sold until I stumbled upon a beautiful picture from a well-seasoned Japanese and Korean makeup collector from Makeup Alley :) See why I like that place? :D

Anyways, so I went for it and tore into the package when it arrived. My first impression was...big, bulky, and heavy. The case is translucent white on top with raised prints of snow flakes and opaque white at the bottom. And it came with a brush and mirror. I guess I don't like the case, but with that said, I do like the fact the blush pan is held very securely in place by a magnet and not sticky glue. What genius! Why can't all makeup be held in place by magnets? That would make things much easier to remove and cleaner too without all the gooey mess the glue leaves behind! Although, as soon as I beamed at the thought that I can take the blush pan out anytime and put other things in, I was hit with the fact that whatever I will put in next will ruin the magnet with glue...Garr...

The blush itself is beautiful and soft! Overall, I would say pigmentation is low intensity and can be layered to reach medium. But then I prefer my makeup sheer, so I am very happy with it in this aspect. Also, the powder is unscented, which is wonderful! And I love the way the colors are laid out: I can swirl the whole thing together for a peachy pink glow, use just the top 3 colors when I want peachy cheeks, or use the lower 3 colors for pinky cheeks. Awesome! I usually carry 2 blushes (a peach and a pink) with me anyways, and this blush caters to my mood by giving me both options!

From the top:
- A beige nude with gold shimmers. This color looks sparkly in the pan but it actually goes on quite subdued. Turns a bit peachy on my skin.
- A coral peach with very very fine pearly shimmers. Looks matte and goes on with a very slight touch of pearl. On me, it looks more orange than coral or peach.
- A shimmery white with a pink pearly sheen. It doesn't look it, but it's the most shimmery shade of the bunch! Makes a fantastic highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes!
- A pretty rosy pink that is completely matte. Surprisingly, this color turns a bright pink with hints of fuchsia on me!
- A fleshy pink iridescent shimmers. Again, it looks shimmery in the pan but is quite subdued upon application. Goes on a very sheer and pale pink.

Final verdict: I love it! The blush doesn't look quite pristine in the picture above because I couldn't resist messing around before taking the picture. Can you blame me?

Onwards to my next Korean makeup item...Teehee! :D


Anonymous said...

Looks like a really good bluser
love it
my favorite is Nars Rimmel Dior
u have a nice blog keep up the good work

Dalenna said...

Hi beautyaddict1one1 :D

Thank you! Thank you for stopping by too! I haven't tried any Dior, although the Diorskin Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond did spark my interest. May be I'll give that one a try :D


(g)ezebel said...

geez, i am a sucker for cute packaging and this one is reeeeally cute!!

Dalenna said...

hi gezebel,

yeah, the blush itself is adorable i think, but i'm not a fan of the compact. it's heavy!!! but it's really neat though with a magnet. i'd better stop being so picky :D

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