Saturday, October 23, 2010

HbG 2010 Autumn/Winter Mook

The HbG 2010 Autumn/Winter Mook is available in 2 versions (same content though), each with different cover and a different freebie bag style:
1. We Love Cameron version has a Juliette style bag measuring 21(height) x 34(length) x 19cm(width, though more like diameter because the base of the bag is rounded), and a Cameron charm.

2. Graffiti Sunshine version has a rectangular bag measuring 19(height) x 40(length) x 9cm(width), and a heart charm.
***Picture from Amazon Japan.

After seeing a Japanese review for the both the We Love Cameron as well as the Graffiti Sunshine versions, I decided to get the We Love Cameron version because the bag's print is pretty and it looks well-made. The official release date is October 23, but while running about town last night I saw it on sale at a local bookstore. Needless to say, I grabbed one ^.^

The HbG "Juliette bag" has a rounded bottom, 3 large front pockets, and a middle button, but I didn't realize "Juliette" is the name of that style of bags until I flipped through the mook itself! Totally clueless here :D This We Love Cameron freebie is a replica of the smaller version of the Juliette bag.

Boy do I totally see why these HbG mooks fly off the shelves! The bag is really damn well made for a mere magazine freebie! The outside is made of glossy PVC material with a gold tag. The 3 large front pockets has gold piping and the flip sides of the handles are gold as well.

But I am really impressed with the construction of the bag. Not only it is entirely lined with pink polyester fabric, it's also padded throughout, making the whole thing fluffy and cushy to the touch. The stitchings are all neat and even, and the bag looks and feel substantial and not flimsy or cheap. At home something like this would have easily retailed for at least $40!

The only downer is that there is no interior pockets. Can't have the cake and eat it too now, can we? :P You can sort of see how the bag is padded from the picture as the interior looks a bit puffy.

The Cameron charm is much smaller than expected, but cute nonetheless on a golden ball chain.

Now that I see how nice these bags are, I'm definitely going back to get the Sunshine Graffity version also. In addition to the craftsmanship of the bag, its candy purple lining probably tipped the scale for me, even though I'm not too keen on the dark print outside :P

Here are a couple of pictures of cute bags in the mook.

The top row middle bag is a mini Juliette bag in the HbGxMy Melody print.


saltvinegar said...

Ooh there is still one left in Kino KL.. should have bought it but i bought the HBG tht came with cutie Jan 2011 instead

D. said...

Hi saltvinegar!

Don't worry, I think every year HbG put out 2 mooks with nice quality freebies plus a couple more of those Juliette style bags in different print patterns with different magazines. If you miss this one, just wait and they'll have another ^.^

Thanks for reading!

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