Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cecil McBee 2010 Summer Book

An older mook from Cecil McBee Summer 2010. I've no idea who Cecil McBee is or her designs, but the brand seems to be really popular here in Japan.

This mook comes with a cute freebie canvas eco tote bag so I couldn't pass up even though it was from early last year. I don't bother with any seasonal designer/boutique collections anyway...

The canvas tote is a pretty good size, measuring 20.5(height) x 35(length) x 15.5(width) cm. It has a fun pink leopard print, though inside the pink spots are heart cut-outs, complete with a blue bow on one side.

The canvas fabric itself isn't too thick, but the bag still feels quite sturdy and well made. The handles are well-sewn with double reinforced stitching.

The bag has no closures and is not lined. There are no outer or inner pockets, and the inside seams are not covered either. Pretty much a generic tote, only with a cute print. I like it very much!

A picture of a model holding the canvas tote, for sizing's sake.

Flipping through the mook, I found some cute items like the pink and black heart-shape plaid pouch and the folding hand mirror with flower prints and bow details.

There are really cute wallets and handbags too! No wonder the brand's popular, as the gals here seem to love these cutesy designs and colors. A bit too girly for me though...

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