Friday, January 14, 2011

Kracie Umi no Uruoiso Shampoo

This Kracie Umi no Uruoiso Shampoo is very nice and refreshing! After 2 bottles of Macherie, both the Moisture and the Air Feel kind, both hubby and I were ready to try something new and this one seems different. The bottle says it contains extracts of 11 kinds of seaweeds in addition to deep sea water, sea collagen, marine squalene, and marine herb essence. That's a lot of fancy stuff in a bottle (minus the fancy prices)!

I actually bought the refill bag and not the actual shampoo bottle. They burn their plastic trash here, and I like the pretty pink Macherie bottle much better than the kind-of ugly blue bottle this Umi no Uruoiso Shampoo comes in ^.^

The shampoo is great! Much lighter than Macherie, and runnier than your average shampoo too. It rinse clean, but it doesn't make my hair squeak either. In fact, I've been skipping conditioner more often now after I started using this shampoo. No, not because my hair will get greasy the next day, but because my hair felt just right afterwards and I didn't feel the need for conditioner. I believe there is a Shampoo & Conditioner all-in-1 version, but I didn't buy this. I bought the shampoo. that I want to try that all-in-1 version too...

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The only sort of odd thing is that it supposed to have this fresh ocean breeze scent that turns out to be more like men's cologne. I don't have much more information on this shampoo, but click on the True Renu link above and you can read loads more about it from True Renu's website.

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